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Lightest/quickest setup ground blind?
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SBH 09-Jan-18
oldgoat 09-Jan-18
Two Feathers 09-Jan-18
leftee 09-Jan-18
Woods Walker 09-Jan-18
Franklin 09-Jan-18
From: SBH
That new NAP blind thread got me thinking. Since the T5 isn't available anymore.....what would be the next best blind for that kind of mobility and quick setup? Run and gun turkey, setup and take down multiple times in a day. What are you guys using that works good for that? Ideally would have room for me and 2 kids in there. Doesn't need to be huge though, we won't be sitting for hours on end. On the move a lot so speed and weight would be more important.

From: oldgoat
Haven't used it myself, but my buddy bought both a Double Bull and a Cabela's Stealth blind recently, he hands down preferred the Stealth, might have a look at them and see what you think. Easiest put up blind I have Big Cat 360 I think it's called, but it's not real dark on the inside, but it goes up and down like a breeze and is pretty light but real big!

From: Two Feathers

Two Feathers's Link
I'm not a run and gun turkey guy but I was looking for a blind. Too many broken rods in the pop out panel blinds got me looking for something else. I ended up with a Hidden Hunter. The one I got is big, bigger than what your looking for, 6' high interior. They make smaller ones. They go up and down faster than panels. The smaller ones are more mobile than the big one I got. You can look them over at the link.

From: leftee
I have a Hidden Hunter.Very light and easy to carry/deploy.Windows better for turkeys than deer IMO. The metal rods end up on the 'floor' so you have to be a bit careful when moving or placing your chair and feet.

From: Woods Walker
Ghillie suit.

From: Franklin
I bought a pile of the Ameristep on sale for like $59.....when you pull it out of the pack, which has shoulder flys open by itself. You can stake the corners if you want if it`s windy and you can put the aluminum shock corded roof brace to keep the roof higher.....totally time....3 minutes.

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