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NM Hikers Free Fox And "kidnap" it.
Small Game
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Dyjack 09-Jan-18
Mad Trapper 09-Jan-18
Paul@thefort 09-Jan-18
bowbender77 10-Jan-18
Backpack Hunter 10-Jan-18
ohiohunter 10-Jan-18
Brotsky 10-Jan-18
Rut Nut 10-Jan-18
JSW 10-Jan-18
kota-man 10-Jan-18
Outdoorsdude 10-Jan-18
Wv hillbilly 10-Jan-18
t-roy 10-Jan-18
Mad Trapper 11-Jan-18
ohiohunter 11-Jan-18
sticksender 20-Nov-18
APauls 21-Nov-18
From: Dyjack

Dyjack's Link
Got a kick out of this. It's not bowhunting and I don't trap, but I thought you guys would enjoy the read. The comments are as expected..

From: Mad Trapper
Sounds like FWS might run out of ink issuing tickets....

From: Paul@thefort
Well, you make a video of a live fox held by a leg hold trap and place that on a TV news program. So what not to expect.

From: bowbender77
Nothing more than animal rites, anti trapping propaganda.

I didn't read any of the comments, but I hope they are punished fully. Maybe could throw in something for refusing to cooperate in an investigation as well.

From: ohiohunter
That would be obstruction of justice.

From: Brotsky
I wonder if that crew knows how many innocent rabbits, chipmunks, upland birds, mice, and possibly even fawns they just played a role in killing?

From: Rut Nut

Rut Nut's Link
Brotsky- you just reminded me of this video somebody sent me the other day! : )

From: JSW
This should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. What's next? Kidnapping your dog or cat to free it of the slavery of owning pets? Freeing livestock? I saw the segment on the news last night and I was disgusted.

From: kota-man
Rut Nut...That was hilarious.

From: Outdoorsdude
Every year the Democrats bring a bill forward to eliminate and criminalize trapping here in NM -- and 'sportsmen' keep electing them.

Unfortunately this is the way our world is turning. These idiots that know nothing about animals and the environment are gonna take over. It's simple numbers. They are stacked up in the cities breeding like rabbits. Trapping is a easy target. It doesn't have near the amount of money backing it as gun or bow hunting. Once the antis get it banned in your state it's a easy step on the ladder to start making bigger moves on hunting. Thank goodness they've been held at bay this long but the future doesn't look good. Hope I'm wrong.

From: t-roy
Great video, rut nut!

Reminds me of the sea otter story that Rush Limbaugh told about several years ago. A sea otter was rescued from the Exxon Valdez oil spill. It was all cleaned up, rehabbed, and released back into the wild, with great fanfare in Prince William Sound (I believe). There were bands playing, students got to get out of school to witness this tremendous event. They released the otter and he swam out into the sound. Suddenly, a killer whale surfaces and swallows it up in one fell swoop! It couldn’t have been scripted any better!!

From: Mad Trapper
Hillbilly x 2. We ALL need to back the trappers. I am appalled quite frankly at some of the anti-trapping comments made on this forum by so-called true-blue bowhunters. I have written comments and then deleted them before posting. I am no longer going to do that. You need to be called out. Folks there simply is no middle ground on this. You are either for us or against us. As Benjamin Franklin once declared: We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately. My 2 cents.

From: ohiohunter
Agreed Mad Trapper! Not just trapping but other avenues of conservation as well.

From: sticksender

From: APauls
Rut nut that was clutch. One of the funniest thing about that video is it's all "tame" animals. Person had a pet squirrel and releases it just as a pet cat grabs it lol. People refuse to see the wild in wildlife even when it comes out of their tame animals.

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