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From: dgildy
My daughter (24 years) is wanting to get a bow. She hasn't shot since she was using a MicroMidas when she was 10-12. I think she is just looking at target shooting for now. She asked me if she should just look at women's bows or if she should also consider youth bows. Is there a major difference between youth bows and women's bows, or is it mostly a marketing difference? Thanks,


Much would depend on body size, strength, arm(draw) length etc.

From: milnrick
Check the G5 Storm, Millie took one to Canada this year about 4 weeks after she received it. Set up and tuned quickly. It's fast, flat shooting and budget friendly

From: Shawn
PSE Stinger X. I bought one as a back up bow for Kansas a couple years ago. It came with a biscuit, cheap 3 pin sight and decent detachable quiver. It was $300. It actually was very nice and shot like a dream. I gave it too my daughter 26 at the time and we set it too 25" draw and 45 pounds and she shoots it lights out. I would highly recommend one as not just a starter bow but a really good bow for the money. They have a huge rage of adjustment as well and can be done without a bow press. Shawn

From: Brotsky
There is a huge difference in today’s women’s bows versus youth bows. Youth bows are typically made for wide range of adjustment and suffer some performance loss and often have spongy back walls, etc. Today’a draw specific women’s models offer performance designed for short draw archers. I would definitely suggest she look at a women’s model.


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walks with a gimp's embedded Photo
Get what she has money for and from a top 4 manufacture. Wife has the Eva Shocky for hunting and loves it because of the easy draw but it's not cheap. Target bows are generally longer and even more money.

From: Pigsticker

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Brotsky x2, he gave me the same advice in July and I ended up getting my wife an Elite.

Check out their women’s bow on the link.

From: bowhunter55
Bought my wife a Mathews Jewel a few years ago and she absolutely loves it. Was expensive but well worth the money. 55lb limbs and she shoots it at 50lbs. Fast, accurate, and easy to shoot. If you can find a used one, she should check it out.

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