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Youth bow recommendation
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From: PoudreCanyon

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Hello - looking for recommendations for a quality starter bow for my 5 year old son and 7 year old daughter. Would like to get them started shooting seriously - they have fiddled with a bargain bin bow from Walmart, but it doesn’t fit them well and the accessories ( arrow rest, nocking point) are awful which mitigates their success and enthusiasm. Draw weight and length adjustability would be of utmost importance. Thanks in advance!

From: Royboy
I think starting them with a recurve or longbow is a good. Draw weight increases with draw length.

From: Glunt@work

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My son shoots a longbow alot but also an Envoy from Fleetwood. They are based in Salida (Poncha Springs) and same company as Vista and Western Archery. The new one is the Envoy2. Seems like a good value and is adjustable for basically anyone to shoot from kid to adult.

From: Tmartinez822

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My son shoots a Diamond Atomic and it has been the best thing for him. I even put on a D-Loop and Peep sight for him. They are low on draw weight and can go up a good amount as they grow. Imo its the best youth bow. It isn't made of any cheap plastic. Its made from the same material you would find in a regular adult bow.

From: Scoot
At that age I think longbow or recurve are good options. In a few years I'd look at a mission craze II.

I have a 6 and 9 year old. This summer I picked them up both a Hoyt Ruckus on ebay for $120 each new. Put on a whisker biscuit, d loop, and cheap 3 pin site and they shoot great. I think the 6 year old's bow is turned down to around 16 pounds. His older sister has a longer draw and shooting 20 pounds. At the max draw length these go up to 40 pounds so I expect them to last until around 12 years of age. What I liked about them was the mass weight is still light enough for them to hold. Some I looked at were just too heavy. I also have a Diamond Atomic but when my daughter was 8 it just looked too small for her but in my opinion it is a great bow for 4 to 7 year old.

From: joehunter
I helped set up a friend's 7 year old with a PSE Chaos. Got it used cheap. Easy to adjust to his 20 inch draw length and 20 some pounds. Will then go all the way up to hunting weight when the time comes. Lots of good options in youth bows. Diamond, PSE, Hoyt, Bear and others make spiral cam (no bow press need for draw adjustment) and draw weights from almost nothing to hunting weight. Lots of these out there used as kids cycle through them. Most hardly even used. Just watch the classifieds here. Have fun!

From: LINK
Bear Cruzer lite. 5-45#, wide range of draw length and the mass weight is among the lightest for youth bows that are capable of hunting poundage. A few months ago you could find them new on eBay for 180$but now I’m seeing more like 220-230 with 6 arrows.

My 8 year old killed a doe with her Hoyt Ruckus this year and it’s a good bow for a strong 7-8 year old but for a 5-6 or older kid that’s not very big the cruzer lite has more adjustments on the bottom end and less mass weight. I think the bear is better than the new oversees Ruckus. If your buying used the made in the U. S. Ruckus were top quality bows. My nephew shoots a 6 year old Ruckus and his bow is better quality that my daughters she bought 1 1/2 years ago.

From: splitlimb13
I'm a Hoyt guy,but let's face the facts, DIAMOND INFINITE EDGE , by Bowtech.

From: 4beards

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Jacob's 1st w/ bow
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Jacob's 1st w/ bow
X2 splitlimb. Very adjustable and room to grow. My son is 9 and has had his for nearly 3 years. 2017 posted his first kills, Spring Tom and this button buck 3 weeks ago.

From: Trial153
My son is six, I bought him a New Breed spawn. Little over kill for a six year old but what the hell. He loves it and it’s super adjustable so he can grow into it.

From: x-man
If you want one bow for them to share, you will have to get a Mathews Genesis. That bow has cams that max out in weight at a short draw distance and then can be drawn back as far as 29" without increasing draw weight. Once sighted in, it should hit the same point of impact regardless of the person shooting it, from very short to very long draw lengths.

This is the bow used in the school and youth programs.

Something to think about with these bows is that minimum draw weight is not possible once you lengthen the draw length (at least not on the bear apprentice). My sons both have bear apprentices. They are spindly little guys and struggle to pull the minimum at their draw length. I hope this make sense. 5# is only possible at the shortest draw length. I have been happy with quality and performance.

From: Cobie33
X3 Splitlimb13-It is hard to beat the Diamond Infinite Edge. I have set up a bunch of those for kids.

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