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Need a fact check on an article I read
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From: DartonJager
Considering it was about Africa and elephants,I figured this would be the best place for finding out if an article I read some 15-20 years is factually accurate or not. The article I read and I apologize for not remembering it's author, when or where it was published , stated that in certain African nations they greatly reduced their elephant poaching problem by the government allowing the local provinces to receive the majority of the monetary benefits that resulted from selling elephant hunts. The article went on to explain the reason that by allowing the people with in the provinces to reap the significant financial benefits that elephant hunts generate, effectively turned those who were poaching elephants for Ivory into the elephants protectors as the people buying the poached Ivory couldn't equal the money made for legal hunting of the same elephants. Is there any accuracy to this?

From: Flincher

From: Inshart
Yup, right on the money - sportsman / sportswomen coming through again.

From: JTV
that is True...hunting is a YUUUUge help to many villages and also to the wildlife..... just look at the US programs we have for wildlife ... no animal species has been lost due to modern hunting and wildlife management...

More than accurate the MAIN reason for anything wild being alive

From: Stubbleduck
Check the website under the thread on African Big Game hunting. Although mostly about rifle hunting there are several threads on the value of big game hunting to local communities in a number of African countries.

From: Franklin
Mostly accurate....but poachers are going to poach. The Ivory is still valuable to them and not all can get on with a outfitter for tracking or skinning work. Now the "Trophy Ban" throws a whole new curl into it. People need to keep their eyes peeled on S. Africa....their new "president" or what ever they call them a black that is pushing for "NO COMPENSATION land acquisition" and he is targeting the white owned properties. He will then be turning those lands back over to the black farmers. Spooky stuff.

From: Barty1970

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I seem to recall there being an initiative [Project Campfire?] which enabled LIPs to manage exisiting local given that this is in Zim, time will tell

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