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Lunch, with a smile
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Lark Bunting 11-Jan-18
12yards 11-Jan-18
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deerslayer 12-Jan-18
From: Lark Bunting

Lark Bunting's embedded Photo
Lark Bunting's embedded Photo
I guess I am fortunate in that I work from home and can prepare some amazing lunches for myself. (I personally don't like working from home but that's a whole different matter) Today I found myself starving for lunch. Between working out pretty heavily and a light breakfast I found myself rummaging around in the kitchen earlier than usual. *note to shopping is in the near future*

Initially I thought lunch would be something boring again; tuna sandwich, canned chicken salad...meh. Then it hit me, elk steak and some veggies! I quickly grabbed a package of small steaks from the freezer in the garage and got them defrosting in the microwave. Most people would skin me alive for such blasphemy, but I have it MASTERED now. I've had to master the quick defrost option since I get the request from my son and daughter quite often to get some steaks on the cast iron skillet, and it's usually late at night, lol. I did a skillet steak today, in light olive oil, some sea salt and McCormick's steak seasoning and I chopped up some vegetables and that's when it really sank in for me, and I smiled, I mean, I REALLY SMILED! And of course reached for my phone to take a photo. That's about the time I noticed my wife looking at me like I was a crazy person, "food pictures went out a few years ago...". I wasn't going to let her ~I'd rather have beef~ negativity affect me!

Being new to hunting and having the blessings of taking my first archery elk this year it brings an overwhelming sense of pride every time I prepare some elk meat for myself and my kids. The memories come rushing back of the panicked feeling I had after the shot, the sense of joy of finding the elk just a few short moments after the shot, and memories of agony with the treacherous 13 hour pack out that my son, buddy and I did all night long.

To sit down and enjoy the fruits of the labor really brings on a new sense of pride for someone like myself that didn't grow up hunting, and that dang sure made me smile.

From: 12yards
Dang....that....looks.....healthy. And good! But I think I'd still be hungry.

From: Bake

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Elk burger with fried egg, and lemon-pepper guacamole
Bake's embedded Photo
Elk burger with fried egg, and lemon-pepper guacamole
Looks good! Except for the vegetables, I'm not into vegetables :)

I finally converted my wife this year. It took a lot of hypocrisy on my part, but I got it done, by pointing out how healthy, organic, antibiotic free and hormone free elk and deer is. (Hypocrisy because I love a good antibiotic soaked hormone fed beefsteak).

We too have been enjoying elk a lot. Mostly burger, as we're saving steak for warm grill weather

From: midwest
Looks pretty close to my lunch, Lark. Venison steak and a pile of veggies. I'm cutting weight so backing way off on the carbs, 5 small meals per day.

Ha! Gotta agree with 12yards...I’d still be hungry! Just finished a leftover elk burger for lunch. I’ll be making elk burger chili w/ cornbread for dinner.

Looks good and to me what it is all about!! Feed

From: Bowboy
That looks better than my Top Ramen!

From: deerslayer
Didn't realize from your story that you are new to the passion. That's awesome man. One of the major enjoyments of hunting for me is eating what I personally harvested, butchered, and cooked. Being involved in every detail from field to plate is a satisfying feeling that those who don't hunt never get to enjoy. My wife and I harvested and processed 10 animals this past season and although it's a ton of work, every time I sink my teeth into a juicy steak I relive the hunt and don't regret the work at all. (Actually I think it makes it that much more enjoyable). Glad you're part of the passion and your kids have the blessing of being raised with an understanding and appreciation for where their food comes from. Good on ya!

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