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Possible Lynx delisting lower 48
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Huntcell 11-Jan-18
jmiller 11-Jan-18
Franklin 12-Jan-18
Grubby 12-Jan-18
lawdy 12-Jan-18
Kodiak 12-Jan-18
Ace 12-Jan-18
MNRazorhead 12-Jan-18
Franklin 13-Jan-18
From: Huntcell

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Suprised to see possible delisting of Lynx in lower 48 states. Didn’t realize there was sufficient population . Don’t see any states opening a season anytime soon.

Now they Feds can concentrate on getting the wolf delisted in all 48 states.

Quote from article: “The review concludes that the Canada lynx may no longer warrant protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and should be considered for delisting due to recovery. “

From: jmiller
Very good news. Anytime a species can go off the ESA list is a win for conservation!

From: Franklin
I remember decades back they planted some in SW Colorado and asked to report if you see any. Never did hear if they took hold or not.

From: Grubby
Lynx have caused a tremendous amount of problems in northern Minnesota. It seems they don’t know they are endangered here and that they should stay in Canada. They get killed here and everyone wants to shut down trapping. They aren’t uncommon here.

From: lawdy
The feds are desperate to find a lynx up here so they can justify imminent domain as they eliminate entire towns. The USFWS up here is Communism, land owned by the people but totally controlled by the privileged. Exactly what Karl Marx proposed in his Communist Manifesto.

From: Kodiak

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Grubby, I only count 11.

From: Ace

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Good article on the Maine program

From: MNRazorhead
I can second that Lynx are in northern MN. I don't live that far up, but I know a bunch of people that are or had, and sightings aren't exactly rare.

From: Franklin
Well they are now claiming the California Spotted Owl is getting harmed by illegal pot growers. So seeing how it now legal and Taxable you`ll see a all out push to eradicate illegal pot growers. Didn`t seem to be a big deal before. Everytime a animal gets delisted someone sues and gets I don`t hold my breath for a permanent solution to wolves.

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