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axcel vision sight
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From: bow only
thinking about buying one, they look really good, no dealer near me to put one in my hands.

From: carcus
Best sight IMO, buy online or used

I like mine. 5 pin gang and micro adjustable.

The only thing im not a fan of is the 3rd axis adjustment which is the level itself. The hex bolt is small and short. Can strip easily if your heavy handed.

Axcel is hands down the industries best hunting sights

From: bow only
thanks, I have shot them all except the axcel -since my last post mine came in and so far it really looks like a very good sight. the fibers are very good and pin adj. very good !

From: Hunting5555
I don't have the Vision model, but I love mine. Adjustments are so easy and precise.

From: Genesis
Very pricey but very discounted on Classifieds.I have them on all my bows

From: SoDakSooner
I have the non vison version and it is great. Using .010 pins and have to tape the housing as even those small pins are almost too bright.

From: jjs
Take a look at the EZV sight and you may change your mind. Opens up the sight picture and the distance w/o the guess work.

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