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NAP quick spin v. Blazers
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Bou'bound 13-Jan-18
Kurt 13-Jan-18
BOWNUT 13-Jan-18
Ambush 13-Jan-18
WYelkhunter 14-Jan-18
Buck Watcher 16-Jan-18
Mark Watkins 16-Jan-18
Bou'bound 17-Jun-18
WYelkhunter 17-Jun-18
Ermine 30-Apr-19
From: Bou'bound
For those Who may have tried both of these vanes is there any noticeable difference in performance

From: Kurt
Quick Spins were very noisy when I tried them years ago. I know many talk about how loud Blazers are, but to my ear on my set up the QSs were much worse. They did stabilize the arrow fine. Good luck with whatever you choose,

The Quick Spins are noisy if it matters but shoot well. I like the EZ Fletch helical with Blazers better. They seem to have less drag at longer range. I use both, when I screw up a practice fletch I put on a Quick Spin Quick Fletch. I hunt with the EZ Fletch and carry Quick Fletch when I travel in case I loose a vane

From: Ambush
Can’t think any advantage to the Quick Spins. Noisy for sure. Expensive. If you don’t have enough spin, just increase the offset or helical on a regular vane. I’ve been very happy with a 2 1/4”, low profile in a four fletch configuration. Better rest and cable clearance to.

From: WYelkhunter
I am just the opposite, I don't notice any extra noise or noticeable drop at longer distances with QS.

From: Buck Watcher
I used both. They both performed the same. Poorly imo. Loud/deform easily/inconsistent. Flexfletch FFP-360 or SK-300 on my arrows. Some arrow with 4" Trueflight feathers too...they steer my BH the best.

From: Mark Watkins
Grant, A good winter topic!

I've tried both with blazers being quieter and if you like to shoot long distance in practice the blazers will not have the drop that the quickspins have...3"-4" difference at 80 yards.

I went to VaneTec HP 5 years ago...(light, strong and stiff) put on with the AZ mini and haven't looked them.


From: Bou'bound
Try for more thoughts.

From: WYelkhunter

From: Ermine

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