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Spenco Insoles
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So many options out there, but have read some good things on the Spenco brand for insoles...Anyone using them?

I like them, and they hold up well. Boot construction at times reflects how the insole feels also.

From: eddie c
That's the brand my foot doctor sells for the plantar fasciitis patients, himself included. I watched the assistant remold them with a heat gun so I remold them as needed. Been using the same 3 pairs for over 2years now. Pair in my work boots, work out shoes and hunting boots.

From: Josh
Yes I use the cross training ones in every shoe I have owned for the last 12 years and I walk 13 miles a day on them. If one rips or the top comes off which doesn’t happen very often all I do is mail it to them for $3.00 and get a new set a few days later.

From: Beendare

Beendare's Link
Overall I like the Spencos. They have an all gel one that is super comfortable but 2x heavier than anything else. I think my favorite right now is actually a New Balance- at link.

A good way to select an insole is to set them on a hard floor and stand on them. The ones that seem to follow the contour of your feet the best seem to work better, IMO.

Stiff boots don't seem to need the carbon fiber arch in some insoles IME....but some of the more flexible day hikers can benefit from the stiffer arch, YMMV

You have to consider volume too. Some of the thickly padded versions won't work in some low volume boots or something like a dress shoe. Everyones feet are different. A short shoe or dayhiker with a poor heel cup; installing a raised heel insole can be problems for some guys with weak ankles- easier to twist an ankle.

From: Scoot

Scoot's embedded Photo
Scoot's embedded Photo
Beendare's post is very informative and helpful! I own an extra set of four insoles all the time for new footware. I've got a small, medium, large, and extra large volume insoles. I wear thickest ones I can get away with since I've got neuropathy in my feet and I try to get them the max cushion I can so the pounding of mountain hunting is minimized as much as possible. Three of my go to insoles are Spencos and they work great for me.

Excellent info, thanks guys...

From: jims
I trash the insoles tbat come new with all my boots. I wear boots every day at work. I've had good luck with Spencos. The Spenco on the far left in the pic above is the one I use because it has pretty good padding. Spencos are relatively inexpensive so I replace mine every couple months. I buy my boots about 1/2 size larger so the padded insoles fit and there is plenty of room for my toes!

From: drycreek
I have them in every pair of shoes/boots that I own, and have for years.

Where are they sold?

From: wilbur

wilbur's Link
amazon is your friend.

From: jims
I got mine at Sportsmans. I'm sure you can get them on the web.

From: wyliecoyote
Spenco green is in everything I lace up....tennie-runners to elk hunting boots...I love them....about $27 at Sportsman's Warehouse. I had plantar fasciaitis about 6 years ago really bad....these were recommended by the Orthopedist...highly recommend !!


From: bighorn
which ones for planter fasciitis?

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