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My Year with deer thread!
Whitetail Deer
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Charlie Rehor 14-Jan-18
WV Mountaineer 14-Jan-18
Fields 14-Jan-18
Rustyshakleford 14-Jan-18
orionsbrother 14-Jan-18
t-roy 14-Jan-18
My original thread was a wrap up of my 2017 deer season to say thanks to all the folks that I hunted with and was helped by for a successful season. I was sent that buck trail camera picture by someone that told me that buck was in the area we were hunting and had no idea it was from some Kansas poached Buck. Obviously I was duped and for that I apologize for posting that picture. In the future I will not post any pictures that I don’t take myself. Sorry if I offended some of you. It will not happen again! Charlie

You didn't offend anyone. No sweat man.

From: Fields
??????? wtf......

No worries Charlie. Sorry to call your post out. Care to call out your source of the pic? I know when someone lies to me I call them out by name.

I suspected something like that and made a post to that effect, but it appears to have gotten nuked.

From: t-roy
You want TWO pounds of flesh, Bob?!!

This Topic has been locked. Thank you.

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