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Mathews Halon 32 85% vs 75% let off
Contributors to this thread:
Xbowdoctor95 15-Jan-18
GLP 16-Jan-18
yooper89 16-Jan-18
PMcGee 16-Jan-18
BowmanMD 17-Jan-18
smarba 17-Jan-18
Xbowdoctor95 17-Jan-18
Redheadtwo 18-Jan-18
From: Xbowdoctor95
Ok, so I'm ordering a new Mathews bow and I've been using it at the shop with 65 lb limbs and 85% let off. But, I want to use this bow for a long time. Which means that Colorado and Idaho will definitely be seeing it as well as the bear and deer in Wisconsin. And I would need it to be 75% let off then. So my question is this, what is the change in draw cycle between the two? And is it noticeable a harder and more stout draw or what. Let me know guys! Time's creeping fast! And I want to make the most educated decision for my new toy! Thanks in advance!

From: GLP
I think you know you’re answer. Either 1, buy a 75% bow, or 2 buy a 85% now along with 75% cams and strings to go with it. Greg

From: yooper89
I bought a Halon used from a collegiate shooter in Wisconsin who ended up going with Hoyt as his sponsorship -- got a great deal on the bow. I wasn't aware that he'd put the 85% letoff mods in, so I had to get them switched out for legality's sake in Colorado. I didn't notice a big difference at all. The Halon is still one of the more smooth-drawing bows I've pulled back.

The link ought to help with picking the correct mod since the draw length changes depending on which Mod you use.

Good luck!

EDIT: I have no clue how to hyperlink on here... sorry.

From: PMcGee
I have the 30" halon and shoot the 75 mods. There's not much difference in the draw but if you get a little lazy with the 75's it'll want to take off on you.

From: BowmanMD
I bought the Halon 32 with 75% letoff to keep everything legit wherever I choose to hunt and didn’t really notice much difference. Great bow. No regrets.

From: smarba
Alternatively, has ANYBODY every been checked for actual letoff on a bow?! Same with minimum draw weight, minimum arrow weight or other state requirements.

From: Xbowdoctor95
^ I definitely try not to poke the law. I get where you're coming from, and you're a liar if you say it has never crossed your mind. But, your point is absolutely valid. It's 5% passed legal. Hard to pinpoint. But on the other hand. Isn't the 75% cams and mods silver? Could potentially be a dead giveaway. Never seen one though, so I'm just speculating.

From: Redheadtwo
Or just buy an older 65% letoff bow. More efficient anyway...

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