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Moving to Utah
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From: BC Jr.
I will be moving to Utah, Ogden area, in 2019 and was looking for some advice on areas to hunt Elk and Mule deer. I checked out the Utah forum and it was crickets. I'll be hunting public land, so I'm hoping some of you guys have done a DIY in that area and can help me out. Thanks in advance.

From: YZF-88
You can hunt deer above Ogden. The oakbrush is a PITA but lots of public land. For elk, you'll have to travel a little farther. I travel across the border and hunt another state for elk.

If you're a NR right NOW, I'd recommend buying a bonus point for deer AND elk while you can buy both. Once you're a resident, you have to pick one or the other. Same deal with OIL species. I'd also recommend buying at least one preference point for deer. In many general units, it takes one to be guaranteed your first choice.

From: c3
On a positive note, you will get to bowhunt for deer and elk for 4 months a year on the Wasatch front extended unit from the Utah county line to I84. On the not so positive note, you will be hunting with 6500 or more of your closest friends in extraordinarily difficult terrain for extraordinarily educated critters.

Here's a few video's to give you an idea of what you might be able to glass up with 32 years of experience up there, hahahahahah

a scouting season for the ages from pete carney on Vimeo.

The front in wintertime

mavic sample from pete carney on Vimeo.

As you get closer to moving, make sure you check back in and don't for get to put in for the Utah draw's. Points are your friend if you ever want to hunt any of the amazing limited entry units. Most are once in a life time draws basically, but get going on it now. You have until Feb sometime I believe this year.

Cheers, Pete

From: BC Jr.
Thanks YZF-88, I read about Henefer-Echo WMR. Have you heard any good things about that area.

c3, those videos were awesome, my family and I can't wait to get there. I was stationed in Utah before. Unfortunately, at the time, I was more interested in chasing girls and was deployed a lot of the hunting seasons. I am down for the challenge of terrain but I grew up hunting whitetail out of a tree stand so I'll take all the help and pointers I can get.

There are general any bull areas in the Uinta Mountains. tough hunt but they kill bulls there every year. The cow/spike archery elk hunt are really good though. Utah also has some good deer hunting now that they limited tags. The extended hunt is nice since it gives you a longer season if you don't tag out.

From Ogden its not far to also hunt Idaho OTC, and draw a WY general tag every couple years.

PM sent BC jr

Good luck, Robb

From: Lefty
We lived in Perry. The trick to hunting the area is stay away from the masses that pile in during which ever season. Get into the thick nasty stuff. Lots of huge mulies nearby And apply for the bull moose hunt,.. it will be worth it in 15 -20 years. I was able to acquire some permission of mixed public and private ground.

From: sticksender
Another resource is the website Monster Muleys. It's a national site, but most content is from Utah guys.

From: Native Okie
Brian - good luck in your move. I just moved here from Colorado (by way of Oklahoma) last year. Some good folks like BULELK are knowledgeable and very helpful. Depending on how much you have applied and hunted out west it can be challenging. Be happy to help anyway I can. PS. I live outside of where you are moving too.

From: Buglmin
Utah has some fantastic mule deer hunting!! The trick is to get away from the roads, lots of road hunters. We hunt the oak/aspen, catching the bucks coming up from the flats headed to bed.

Elk hunting in the limited draw units is unlike anything you'll ever experience. The season starts in the middle of August, and the bulls will be up high away from the cows. As the season goes on, the hunting gets better!! You never know what will come into your calls. Be sure to catch the Total Archery Challenge Bows on the Bird in Park City!

Welcome in advance...The Total Archery Challenge is held at SnowBird Ski area not Park City as mentioned but its a Very Exciting Shoot so its easy to mix stuff/places when talking/thinking about it...4finger

From: StickFlicker
If you become a resident and draw a tag, I would highly recommend NOT moving out of Utah after you draw it and before the hunt. I've heard they take a very dim view of that!

From: Knothead
Way to stir the pot Marvin.

From: YZF-88
I did the opposite of that guy. I applied as a non-resident, then moved to Utah in the summer and drew a LE Wasatch Elk tag somebody turned in as soon as I got here.

Comical Marvin!!

I remember that happening for ya Jason and you got a dang nice bull---------> That pic ya posted of him mounted in the bed of your truck was priceless!

Lefty ~~ I chased one of the biggest bucks I ever have during the late Wasatch Front bow hunt right above the 'I' there around Perry.

Good luck, Robb

From: RyanT
Congrats on the move out! Like Sticksender said, Monster Muleys is probably a better bet to get a lot of Utah specific advice. Great state, lots of hunters. Put in like it's your job, and hike hard. At least you're not hunting rifle! :-)

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