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Roger Rothhaar?
Whitetail Deer
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Ogoki 17-Jan-18
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From: Shug
Anyone hear about Roger passing away last night? ... RIP Roger

From: dave cahilly
according to tj Conrad he passed away

From: Troy butler
prayers out to the family.

From: Treeline
Just heard it from Marv Cochran.

We have lost another legend.

From: Brotsky
Prayers for Roger's family.

From: Bear Track
Oh man, I read his stuff in the early 80's. I bet he never knew what camo clothing was back then. I had the same plaid purple and red jacket he had on all the time and killed a bunch wearing it. He was a cool guy.

From: Lechwe
That sucks. I love his books. Awesome guy.

From: Glunt@work
Prayers to his family and friends. I killed a few critters with Snuffers over the years.

From: JEG
Bummer, a true pioneer. Also love the snuffer heads.

From: Lee
Bummer. Loved his stuff and was a huge fan of the Snuffer. Thoughts go out to his family.


From: Rob
Prayers for the family.

From: JW
Prayers to his family. Roger was one hell of a bowhunter. Sad news. RIP Mr. Rothhaar.

His wife just passed last 7/31/17. Tough stuff for the surviving family.

From: Bou'bound
His son used to post on here

From: HeadHunter®
We got the call this AM ....sad .... Roger was a great guy ! His 'heads' were great and we killed many a big game with them thru the years! Icon's in Bow Hunting, Roger was truly one of them and he was a great bow hunter and friend! ... RIP Roger and he & his family are in our prayers!

From: t-roy
Rest in peace and prayers to his family.

From: Ollie
Roger was a good one. He was a goodwill ambassador for bowhunting.

RIP....... How old was he ?

From: TGbow
Sad to hear.

From: 3arrows
Anyone know his age?

From: Mark Watkins
Sorry to hear...a great contributor and person.


From: Altizer
Wow. That one hurts. One of my hero’s in the whitetail bowhunting world. God’s peace sir. AA

From: Treeline
He was right around 80, I believe.

From: Bowboy
RIP Roger! I remember his ads!

From: Slippery Paw
Sad News. RIP

nice guy, I remember him at the Deer Shows always helpful with advice, talked to everyone, while his wife was knitting in the booth,,,,,, Prayers for the family, he was an Icon,,,,,, wow, that is sad

From: Hawkeye
Loved his writing. May he RIP :(

From: Joey Ward
I believe his sons name is Ryan. He used to post on the Leatherwall periodically.

I’ve killed several deer with a couple a Roger made Snuffers gifted to me by an old timer on the Wall. Shot 160 grain Snuffers for many years. My favorite broadheads.

RIP Mr Roger. And I pray his family is comforted.

From: Buffalo1
He was our guest speaker one year at the Ms. Bowhunters Association Jamboree. I had the opportunity to get some private time with him. He was a very humble man. Extremely knowledgable of whitetail deer and how to hunt them. He was a machinist by trade and that is how he got into making BH's. He was also a very gifted writer. He was truly one of the icons of Whitetail hunting.

Prayers to his family.

From: Swampy
Another pioneer that will be missed , but always remembered . Killed a lot of critter's with Snuffer's and learned a lot from the man .

From: pirogue
RIP, Roger. I have always said since I got "In Pursuit of Trophy Whitetails " in the early 80's, that I would never get rid of it.

From: DMC65
As a new bowhunter , the book " In pursuit of trophy whitetails " by Roger Rothhaar was the most useful , legitimate information I had ever gotten. I had nobody to teach me to hunt deer. Mr Rothhaar taught me much without my ever having the good fortune to meet him. My condolences to his family and friends.

From: Ogoki
In looking at my copy of "Whitetail Magic" , it says Roger was born in 1938. At the time this book was written his top six bucks ,added together, would be 988 P&Y / B&C. I still pick up my two books of his and re-read . Rip

From: Ogoki

Ogoki's Link

From: darralld
Sad news. Sure love the Snuffer. Have killed a lot of deer with that head & there will be more. I'm sure dad & Fred had a place waiting for him at the campfire. Prayers to the family.

From: Rock
I was fortunate enough to hunt Bears with him and his son Ryan in Canada twice he was a blast to share a camp with.

From: Shug
I wish he had written more... he really was able to make a great point with written word

From: bigbucks150+
Yes, Roger passed on Monday and Jane passed this past summer. He was a great man and would always take time for anyone. I've known him my whole life. He had gone to the cardiologist last week and they told him a valve to his heart was leaking but they said it wasn't that serious and he was supposed to see them this Friday to check on it again. When he passed he was at home and had called 911. The ambulance got there and Mr. Rothhaar was still alive but died on the way to the hospital. Mine and my dads prayers go out to his sons Ryan, Ronald and their families. May you Rest In Peace Roger and I hope that in heaven Jane and yourself are scouting together like you two always did looking for big bucks!

Roger was one of the best bowhunters of all time and had the most knowledge of any whitetail hunter that has lived.

Zane Burgess

From: manybows
Roger was the real deal and a true pioneer and was well respected in the hunting community. I called him a couple of years ago and we spent an hour on the phone he loved to talk deer hunting and I had never Roger before but he gave me his time . Truly a fine man. Rest in peace my brother of the bow. Ron Roehrick, Minnesota.

He is in heaven now, no doubt, and with his wife,,,,, both gentle people,,,,,, A true bowhunting legend

Darralld, that is an excellent sentiment. Very well said. I can't imagine a better place to be when the time comes than sitting around a fire with those guys. Prayers for the family.

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