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Favourite Things About Bear Camp
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Screwball 18-Jan-18
Fuzzy 19-Jan-18
Hey guys,

Let's just say that the outfitters service is number one, top notch, couldn't be better. Also, the bears are high quality with beautiful hides; worthy of a full mount. What are the best things about outfitted bear camps that you can think of? What do you look for when booking a hunt? What are the best features of a camp? Do you like baited or spot and stalk? Sleep in cabins every night or outpost tents?

What is the perfect camp for you?!

Finally getting that specific, giant, legendary bear you've been after for years! That's the best!! Everything else is nice too

Fried Bighead. It’s a Nebraska thing. Hunt

From: Shug
Deep fried Walleye dipped in Cheetos out of this world

From: Mule Power
The mosquitoes and black flies. It wouldn’t be bear hunting without them!

Good fishing can be a big plus.

But I’m with Mike... a bear the caliber I’m looking for makes or breaks it.

I enjoy “pm only” bear hunts which extends the social aspect of the baited bear hunt. Just a lot of fun hanging camp with other bow hunters.

From: Grape
What do I like about Bear hunting?? EVERYTHING!!

From: Zebrakiller
I love being out on bait in middle of nowhere miles from anything just k owing at any minute I may see the bear of my life no cats no planes just awesome!

From: Buffalo1
1. Fishing during the day- and then getting to eat some of the fresh catch

2. Being the first to bathe in a freezing cold lake and telling the others in camp that the water isn't cold at all.

3. Getting to do bait runs with the guides

4. Getting to see the Northern Lights

5. Coming out of the woods at midnight without and can still see the ground w/o a flashlight.

6. Learning to live with mosquitoes (the time seems for eternity).

7. Looking up and seeing a bear- never hearing them approach the bait

8. Watching a bear circle a bait

9. Watching bears fight for pecking order for a bait.

10. Watching the acrobatics of bear on bait drums trying to get food out of a drum.

From: Ambush
For me it’s spring bear. Tags are $15 each and bears are plentiful. Lots of time to sit around with buddies and go over the past season and dream big about the upcoming one!

From: beemann
Eating fish and having a blast. Hunting bears is fun.

From: Bear Track
Now wrap all this and more into an outfitters' life where we get to see new people replaying how the previous week put smiles on our new friends. The excitement and entertaining we give and get from the guests makes for some of the best memories to help us through our cold winters.

From: Bou'bound
watching people shoot 40 yards camp and hit ping pong balls and then they come back at midnight and tell about the miss at 12 yards.

From: SBH
Getting a fire going in the morning and skinning a bear from the night before!


Alexis Desjardins's embedded Photo
Alexis Desjardins's embedded Photo
Watching the guys come of the stand at night and the stories and fellowship it's priceless.

From: Ogoki
Running baits,stopping at river to catch our walleye supper. helping new hunters hang stsnds, retrieving bears, skinning and butchering. Sitting with my wife and watching her take a bear. And hunting a little myself, after wife gets hers. I went to bear camp twice for three weeks just to " play guide". Met some great people that way. To see the smile on their faces when they get their bear, after i helped them is priceless.

From: longspeak74
"watching people shoot 40 yards camp and hit ping pong balls and then they come back at midnight and tell about the miss at 12 yards." This was me, except my miss was at 15 yds! Sitting around the fire at the end of the days matter how tiring the day was.

From: Brotsky
All this makes me want to go back to Canada in a few months!

From: Nick Muche
Seeing all the hard work pay off and knowing that success or lack there of is in your own hands.

I also like how silent the woods becomes around 1am when the birds go quiet...then you hear that stick snap as a bear is working it's way to the bait. That's a fun time, especially when that bear is of a brown variety.

From: Rob Nye
Since 1983 I have set up remote camps on virgin lakes that were never before hunted all over northern SK. So far on 26 different lake or river systems, some that straddled the NWT border. So much fun to explore the areas, find new bait sites and set up camps in remote areas. And when the giant fearless bears start rolling in and I know the clients are gonna be happy it is a great sense of accomplishment. Have worked with some great fishing camp owners and guides to provide bowhunting clients with some fantastic adventures. And the world class fishing (and eating) is always a welcome bonus. Can’t wait for Spring!

From: milnrick
Some of my favorite things about Bear Camp (in no particular order)

Watching and listening to a ‘first time bear hunter’ recount their first encounter with a bear (and wonder if I looked THAT petrified after my first time). The anticipation of the season’s first sit, and seeing that first bear cautiously approaches the bait (regardless of its size). Listening to crows communicate (or is it just making noise) with each other. Hearing jaws pop as two bears challenge or approach each other. Listening to the white crested sparrows with their 6-note nesting calls back and forth just before sunset. Getting a text from my wife (Lady Bowhunter) telling me that she just killed a giant. Watching my arrow’s flight and hearing a ‘death moan’ and experiencing the thrill of success while giving thanks for a quick clean kill.

From: tinecounter
Hunt anticipation, sharing stories, camaraderie and often new friends.

sleeping in, in the am,,, no rush to get up, eat some walleyes, take another nap, and go hunt

From: wkochevar
One of the coolest things is watching young bears feed at the bait, then suddenly come to full attention and scramble out of there as fast as they can....At that point my adrenaline spikes not only for the chance that one runs up my tree, but you immediately know a big boar is coming and you can't see him! Grab your bow, NOW!!

From: Fuzzy
my two favorites: 1) Bear 2) camp :)

From: Owl
The quality of people matters most - the professionals and the clients. In fact, I can go to a high quality hunt and still leave dissatisfied if the folks are poor in character or the chemistry is off.

Owl that is a good point, no need for jack wads,,,, I always got a kick out of those telling me, who is doing the baiting, that I am wrong, on when the bears are coming in....

Huh, I say to myself,,,,,, Do not guide the guide, the guy I bait for knows what he is doing,,,,,,

Biggest complaint, " My stand is not high enough"...... this is bear hunting, sit quiet and shoot, I would not set a stand higher than 12 feet, but that is me,,,,,,

I think the ground blinds are the best, but again that's me,,,, 95 percent are all good and fun hunters,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I will have a MI tag this year, for myself, should be fun

From: Screwball
For my wife and I, First and foremost Chris and Lottie Lavoie Pine Acres. only bear camp I ever went to or needed to. Friendship for a lifetime with so many, and those acquaintances Ill never forget. Hunting, The smells, bait, mixing, the bush, the miles of roads and no one else around, the sounds. the silence when a bear is around. The hair standing up on my neck. The celebrations, the stories, the meals (oh Lottie the meals), the drinks, Family in Ontario and at home, the tracking at night with no weapon, all of it "OHHH What a RUSH"

From: Fuzzy
Randy that rule works for hog huntin' too :)

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