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Shoot or Pass?
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cnelk 16-Jan-18
Bill Obeid 16-Jan-18
Dakota 16-Jan-18
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ahunter55 16-Jan-18
Ambush 16-Jan-18
GLP 16-Jan-18
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wildwilderness 16-Jan-18
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GF 16-Jan-18
Quinn @work 17-Jan-18
Franklin 17-Jan-18
tobinsghost 17-Jan-18
TrapperKayak 17-Jan-18
Grubby 17-Jan-18
From: cnelk

Morning of day 2 of a three day hunt on public land [any state]

You have a buck tag and a doe tag.

Water edge is 25yds away

Wind blowing left to right 15mph

What do you do?

From: Bill Obeid
Pass!! All day long.

Don’t like the look I’m getting!!

From: Dakota
No shot yet

From: pointingdogs
I agree, PASS. Quartering to is not a good shot.

From: ahunter55

ahunter55's embedded Photo
ahunter55's embedded Photo
Having bowhunted Goats 3 different times I have "never" known the wind to "not" blow where ever I've been.. I guess that's where a little more experience comes into play.

From: Scar Finga
Pass, it looks like you're busted, or at the least they know something isn't right. Bad shot angels as well.

From: ahunter55
I never consider a head on shot, even on a small Antelope unaware.. I wait for the one I want or pass.

From: Ambush
Just wait it out and then decide. Looks like the doe is going to commit and the buck may follow. Either way they have to turn broadside to leave.

From: GLP

From: Matt
Pass, not a shooter anywhere I have hunted.

From: t-roy
I’m shooting. You’ll probably never get another crack at a goat like that in Iowa, especially on public land!

I would be fine shooting that buck on public with only a day left. However I think he would dodge the arrow! Pronghorn are wired and I swear their eyes are so good they see the arrow coming and sidestep it (unfortunately I know this from experience)

From: WapitiBob
Boom; the STW loves frontals on Does.

From: midwest
Take one of the broadside does off to the right.

From: KSMike
I am waiting in hopes that he comes to the water and gives me a closer shot and better shot angle.

midwest X 2.

Nice buck for me since I've never killed a pronghorn. But, a nice doe broadside, within range would change that "Never killed a pronghorn" dilemma. "

From: SBH
There wasn't a shot there for me. For some on here there may be, but not me. Would be a good goat to put an arrow in no doubt.

From: Don
Arrow would pass through shoulder and hip and still be going

From: drycreek
Never killed a doe 'lope in my life, but the broadside one was begging for a shot. Not the buck though, got to have a little more wiggle room or breath smelling distance.

From: DMC65
As wary as those goats are there's not a shot opportunity for me on any of em at that range. Guessing 35 or so yds? I haven't shot at lots of pronghorn but I have shot at enough to know their reaction time makes a spooky whitetail look like it's moving in slow motion. It's difficult to pass on shots you'd normally take on a deer, but it's not a deer. that's just how I would handle it .

From: GF
Pretty sure I’ve got nothin’ here, but at the range and at stickbow speeds, a jumpy goat would be long gone... so maybe take a shot at a doe because the color pattern offers a really good mark.

The buck doesn’t offer much of a shot and is not interesting enough to worry about waiting for a better opportunity. Doe today, another shot at a buck tonight or tomorrow....

From: Quinn @work
Pass and wait for his bigger brother. Easy to say when you can goat hunt every year.

Did you kill him?

From: Franklin
I would wait til he is not looking....allow for the reaction and let her rip. Decent public land goat....1 day left and frontal shots are deadly if you`ve done a lot of them. You are either going to kill him or miss completely.

From: tobinsghost
I'd wait til he got out to 88 yards and then Lee Lakosky his A$$!


From: TrapperKayak
No shots for the two on the left. Depending on what unfolds with them, if the doe on the right stays unaware and in her current position, I'd take a shot at her (recurve).

From: Grubby
I’d be ok, my crossbow is super fast

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