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Montana Elk license
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spyder24 16-Jan-18
HUNT MAN 16-Jan-18
flyingbrass 16-Jan-18
Chief 419 16-Jan-18
Mike Lawrence 17-Jan-18
Scrappy 17-Jan-18
Mule Power 17-Jan-18
From: spyder24
Was all the non-resident combination elk/deer license sold during application time or remaining license sold after the draw was over in 2017 ?

They sold out last year. But there was some return tags for sell. I would think they will sell out again this year. Best of luck. Hunt

From: flyingbrass
you can buy a point also and go next year

From: Chief 419
The combo licenses sold out last year. I recommend buying the preference point. I was unsuccessful for the fifth year in a row last year.

deer combos sold out during the drawing. elk/deer combos did not sell out if i recall correctly, but sold out very shortly after the drawing. I would guess both will sell out this year and if they don't there will be so few left that they will sell out nearly instantly, so I would either apply or buy a pref point for next year.

From: Scrappy
All the elk in Montana died. No elk left ok.

From: Mule Power
Elk only didn’t sell out. The elk deer combo did. The leftover elk only went quick. Probably lots of unsuccessful elk/deer applicants scooped them up.

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