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Need Deer Points WY reg W
Mule Deer
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coelker 17-Jan-18
From: coelker
So point creep caught us a bit. Long story short my daughter age 11 right now has decided that her first hunt needs to be WY deer in region W. My wife has a single point putting the 2 of them at .5. We really need to find someone with 2 points who s hunting W in order to guarantee them to draw. As it stands now our only sure way for all of us to hunt as a family is to go special. Yes 3 special deer licenses.. So if anyone has the points and would be willing to help my little girl and wife hunt. that would be awesome. If push comes to shove we will do what it takes, just hoping that somone who is hunting it regardless might step in and point share.

Thanks a bunch for any help!!!

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