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From: Eric B.

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Eric B.'s embedded Photo
Any info on when it hits the market?

From: cnelk

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I really like mine

I have the same stand.. good value and works well. I’ve had mine for two seasons now and hunted out if it maybe 15 times.

The elastic cords that hold the seat pad in place broke on mine pretty quick, but nothing a couple zip ties couldn’t fix.


From: Buckiller
Awesome stand. I have it plus I have the LW alpha climber

I am selling my Summit this year, and that's what I am going to buy,,,,,

From: Copey
I have one as well. Real nice .

From: jstephens61
Is it better than a Long Wolf or just cheaper?

From: drslyr
Lone wolf All the way here but I got More money than brains anyway

From: snapcrackpop
I have 2 Summit OpenShots & one XOP hand climber. I prefer the Summit for ease of climbing. XOP packs smaller & is quieter. But I've added rubber strips to the platform on the Summit & now it's just as quiet. I also added rubber hose to the XOP & Summit seat where I grip for climbing.

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