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2018 WSF Backpace Trail Race
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NvaGvUp 18-Jan-18
From: NvaGvUp
The 2nd Annual WSF Backpack Trail Race was held this morning on a tall-timber trail near the base of Mt. Rose at the outskirts of SW Reno.

The course was a 6.25 mile loop course and started and ended at ~ 6,000' topping out at ~ 7,000.'

Unlike last year when we couldn't use this course because of waist-deep snow and avalanche danger, this year the course was completely snow free.

Last year's winner, the Yukon's Greg McHale, led the field again, finishing in 1:06:03. Unlike last year, however, he was met with a tough challenge from another Canadian, Brian Hope, who trailed by just fifty-three seconds, followed by Ryan Clairmont who also had a great time, crossing the line in 1:14:35.

In the women's division, Ashley McEnroe from Big Sky, MT not only finished first, she finished fourth overall @ 1:22:15, with Alaska's Anna Vorisek coming in second @ 1:32:56, followed by Rachel Grimm in 1:33:15.

The Top Three finishers in both divisions won cash prizes of $500, $150, and $100 respectively.

In addition, well over a dozen-and-a-half raffle prizes, all valued between $100 and $300, were given out, with all competitors plus the great volunteers who helped us out, eligible to win. For obvious reasons, Tony Mudd, who founded the race, and myself, exempted ourselves from the raffles.

But most important was all the participants had a great time and, as it should be with trail races, the camaraderie was terrific, with everyone rooting for everyone else.

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