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whisker biscuit tuning?
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Boris 18-Jan-18
mountainman 18-Jan-18
Shawn 18-Jan-18
Genesis 18-Jan-18
splitlimb13 18-Jan-18
wildan 20-Jan-18
Bou'bound 20-Jan-18
md5252 20-Jan-18
JLBSparks 20-Jan-18
Franklin 20-Jan-18
craig@work 21-Jan-18
longspeak74 22-Jan-18
Shawn 22-Jan-18
Xbowdoctor95 22-Jan-18
petedrummond 22-Jan-18
cord 62 22-Jan-18
Redheadtwo 22-Jan-18
bigdog21 22-Jan-18
cord 62 23-Jan-18
From: Boris
I have an Oneida eagle bow. I have this rest on it. Will shoot with a release. The arrows have the 3 inch quik spin vanes. How will they tune or will they be a problem.

From: mountainman
Should be fine. Although in some cases the biscuit is touchy to tune(as in micro movements in the opposite direction that conventional wisdom tell you to move while tuning)

From: Shawn
The biscuit will tear up those vanes. Just get some 2" Blazers. I have tried the quik spin vanes and as I said they do not hold up well. Shawn

From: Genesis
Biscuits seem to always leave me with a slight nock high tear.I love them though.

From: splitlimb13
Ditch the biscuit,and get a QAD HDX ... HAHAHA

From: wildan
Nothing wrong with a biscuit;like my Quad HDX on my primary bow but my back up has a biscuit.I used to shoot indoors;watched a guy shoot perfect 300 rounds with a biscuit for two years.The will do some wear on your vanes/feathers but it will take a lot of shooting. Put it this way;if I were to do a out of state hunt, my bow would have a biscuit.

From: Bou'bound
Why does the state you hunt in determine the rest you use

From: md5252
Never could get consistent flight from a WB. Drop away rest for me

From: JLBSparks
180 degree experience with WB than md5252.


From: Franklin
Wilddan.....I have a Trophy taker on my bow....but when going into the backcountry the spare is a Biscuit. It`s as reliable and simple as a rests gets.

From: craig@work
Blazers & biscuits like apple pie and vanilla ice cream. I watched a guy try to shoot quick spins through his and it was quite entertaining.

From: longspeak74
I love my biscuit and have always been able to get great arrow flight out of them. One less thing to worry about...

From: Shawn
The OP asked about quik spin vanes, not good through a biscuit! Shawn

From: Xbowdoctor95
To add to the state question, it's because a biscuit is reliable when you're 400 miles from your bow shop. A drop away breaks in the bush, you're SOL. Or you're going to be spending the day finding the nearest archery shop. Biscuit for me!

From: petedrummond
My longest kill with a bisquit is 63 yards. I dont tune anything. Tuning is for pianos

From: cord 62
Love the biscuit. You can tune a piano but you cant tune a fish. Sorry

From: Redheadtwo
Joe Walsh! You can tune a piano hit you can't tuna fish. Great album. When you're a long way from a bow shop carry a mini bow shop with you.

From: bigdog21
one of the best but the quick spins will get destroyed go with blazer are feathers

From: cord 62
Red..Thought that was REO Speedwagon

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