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Update on - Saiga antelope die off
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From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's embedded Photo
- Saiga antelope
Huntcell 's embedded Photo
- Saiga antelope

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The rest of the story. You May remember a article about the Saiga antelope die off into the tens of thousands upwards 80% of the population a few years back . Scientist had been baffled by these occasional massive die offs . Research teams rushed to the area this time and this what they concluded according to the article.

Specifically, increased humidity and raised air temperatures in the days before the deaths appear to have triggered an “opportunistic bacterial invasion” of the blood stream, causing septicemia, or blood poisoning, according to a statement.

From: GF
But don’t worry... this whole Climate Change thing is just a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese....

Nothing at all to worry about.

From: Huntcell
These antelope have a Russian and Chinese connection but I didn’t want to go there.

They were almost exterminate by the end of WW 2 to help feed Stalin’s army (cannon fodder) Did Stalin really say he had more bodies than Hitler had bullets?

These antelope are once again being pressured by illegal meat hunters selling to oil crews and other black market outlets.

They look like something out of Star Wars.

From: stealthycat
don't worry - animals evolve and adapt to changes they'll be fine

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