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A friend has a bow to sell.
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JayG@work 18-Jan-18
Bou'bound 19-Jan-18
ground hunter 19-Jan-18
Kodiak 19-Jan-18
Dyjack 19-Jan-18
From: JayG@work
A friend of mine has a Bear Kodiak recurve bow, 50# at 30", very good condition that he is wanting to sell on a Special Forces trading post site. All proceeds are to go to The Green Beret Foundation. What would be a fair price for it? Just wondering.

From: Bou'bound

go on Leatherwall, there are some experts on Bear bows, there, might get some good info, plus year and info etc.............I can tell you its not worth that much, lots of them out there, I would only pay 150.00............... but if it is going to a warrior foundation, I would say 300.00

From: Kodiak
I'm a Bear recurve 'expert' of sorts.

The bow could be worth $100 or a $1000 dollars. Need more info and pics to make any determination of value.

From: Dyjack
New Kodiaks go for 600+. I don't know much about recurves, but I believe there is different models over the years that are worth more than others. X2 on asking leatherwall and doing more research. 200 seems low.

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