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Wyoming Unit 111
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Archbull 21-Jan-18
WapitiBob 21-Jan-18
Mule Power 21-Jan-18
Bigdan 21-Jan-18
Corn bore 21-Jan-18
Treeline 21-Jan-18
jims 21-Jan-18
Dogman 21-Jan-18
Garbo 21-Jan-18
From: Archbull
Does anyone have any info on unit 111 for elk. I have max points and 63 years old now.

From: WapitiBob
keep looking

From: Mule Power
100 is an awesome unit if you don’t mind open country hunting. Haven’t checked the odds lately though.

From: Bigdan
took 13 points to draw last year

From: Corn bore
Wow Dan that makes it one tough draw! That's when I drew the tag 13 years ago or so......a year or so before they had preference points. Good archery hunt, shot by biggest bull there, very open terrain hard to get in bow range. Ended up being a fun hunt, saw some nice bulls but not as big as Dan gets. Like most Wyoming units I have hunted I wondered, where are all the hunters going to go on opening day of rifle season.....l know there are only 40 or so bull tags but don' t forget all the cow tags.

From: Treeline
The special was 100% for max points last year

From: jims
111 can have private land issues. The large ranch on the south end has only allowed guided hunts for quite a few years. A lot of the public land along the divide and on top is shut off by private. There is a lot more public land in 22 and even more in 24. Some of 111 and most of 22 is pretty steep and rough. 24 has pretty easy access and dumps down into the renown unit 100.

From: Dogman
Max points going into the drawing this year is 12.

From: Garbo
I drew 111 in 2011, it was the only time I ever hunted with an outfitter for elk. I hunted with Wyoming Adventures Trophy Outfitters’ and had an awesome bow hunt. I was able to take a nice bull on the fifth day. Great accommodations and great people.

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