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From: loprofile
An hour ago my hunting buddy sat down in his stand and both cables on the platform broke. Thanks to his safety harness and the lifeline he was able to climb down, wipe his a$s, and go to another stand. We started using lifelines three years ago. I would not hunt without one now

From: Tonybear61
Good for you!!

Glad it turned out for the better.

How old was the stand?? Left outdoors??

Yep, lifelines are the insurance we need. Those side cables get rusted out but they also get chewed on by rodents. Visual inspection is automatic now before climbing on board. Glad he’s ok!

From: Timbrhuntr
Do you use a flashlight to visually inspect them in the dark ?

From: rooster
Glad your friend is alright. Life lines are the way to go. No one should hunt from a tree without one. To do otherwise is just foolish.

From: Shawn
Just started using lifeline after 40 plus years of hunting in trees. I even had a bad fall and was too stupid to start using them. That was 2005 and I had a tree step break at the threads and I fell 25 ft. Dislocated both my shoulders and bit my tongue nearly in two. Could of been much worse. I still have a couple stands without them but I will have the rest in place before next season. I make my own and can do them for about 15 bucks a piece or a bit less and that includes everything. If you love your family then you should use them at all times. Shawn

From: Woods Walker
It also helps to keep a spare pair of clean underwear in a zip-lock bag taped under the stand platform for occasions just like this!

From: mattandersen
I started using them this season and love them. I won't hang a stand with out one now. Anyone else have the prussic knot freeze up in extreme cold? I 3 different ones freeze up on me! I had to work the know with the backside of a knife and use hand warmers to free them!

From: Iowa_Archer
We wised up and started using them on all of our hanging stands about 4 years ago. We have not had to use one yet, but it is a big relief to me to know that they are there, just in case.

I am really glad to read your good report and hear that your lifeline saved your friend a very bad fall. Great safety reminder for all!!

in 2016 I helped out a well known guide, for deer and bear,,,, his clients are well healed, he said what do you think? I said you should have a life line on every one of them stands,,,,,,,,,,,, I have no idea if he did that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

From: loprofile
A few followup points: 1. My buddy and long term hunting partner is 76 years old. 2. We probably have 40 to 50 fixed position stands in the woods. 3. We use chains as a supplement to fabric straps to hold the stands on. 4. We do leave many of them in the woods from year to year. (Something we will re-think). 5. We call ourselves inspecting them before use but obviously failed in this case. 6. The prussic knots will freeze up unless they are left in a pretty loose state. 7. Make sure when using a lifeline is that if left hanging you can reach the climbing sticks. 8. Keep a knife handy. My buddy said the prussic know was extremely difficult to loosen after tightening with his weight after the fall.

From: Wood
I started using a life line this year in the late season. In lieu of a prussic knot I use an ascender. Wild Country Rope Man 1. It's a piece of cake going up, not so much climbing down.

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