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3 Spots Open For April Muskox
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In a land without fences, where animals haven’t heard the sound of gunfire, your guides will ensure the biggest hardship is choosing which muskox will become that perfect trophy. Although you’ll quickly realize that this land, barely brushed by time, has more draw than just the thrill of the big hunt. Traditional events like camping on the rugged land, hooking a real northern fish and the chance to nab a super-sized Arctic hare or an arctic fox are waiting for you. While the hunt is listed as five days, actual hunting time may be less, due to the abundance of game. We leave it up to you, head back and enjoy the community of Cambridge Bay, or stay out on the land and relax around camp, or hunt wolves and wolverines for the rest of the week. These hunts have been nearly 100% successful in the past with archery equipment, rifle or muzzleloader, as well as a fairly good success rate on wolves, wolverines and arctic fox.

The camp consists of three cabins, all heated by oil stoves. There are two hunters to a cabin with only 4 hunters in the camp at a time. Beds and foam mattresses are provided but do bring a sleeping bag. Food is prepared hot and fresh each day by your camp cook, perfect after a long day of hunting.

You will be transported on a sled, pulled by a snowmobile. This provides superb mobility and allows you to look over many muskoxen. If you would rather pilot your own snowmobile there is the option of renting your own snowmobile as well. Hunts are available from March through April. The days are long and temperatures comfortable.


You will be greeted at the Cambridge Bay airport by someone from our team and taken into Cambridge Bay to your hotel. After you have checked in we’ll go over to the wildlife office to get your hunting licenses. The following morning we’ll head out of town towards Parry Bay where the camp is located. It is about a 100-mile snowmobile ride which takes approximately six to eight hours. The following days will be spent hunting from the cabins at our camp. On the day before your flight is scheduled to leave Cambridge Bay you will pack up and head back to town. Once in town you will get your export permits from the wildlife office and stay the night in the hotel. You’ll head for home the following day.

Spring 5-day Barren Ground Muskox hunt: 1 Muskox $8900.00 USD Wolf: $1500 (if taken) Wolverine: $1000 (if taken) Arctic Fox: included What’s Included • accommodation/meals while in camp • one guide for every two hunters • Field prep of trophy and hides. • 5 hunting days Not Included • government export fees (currently free) • 5% goods and service tax • meat processing • Canadian firearms import fee (if applicable) • your travel to Cambridge Bay and all costs associated with that • Optional snowmobile rental ($250/day plus gas) • $550 muskox tag • $170 wolf tag (optional) • $170 wolverine tag (optional) • $60 hunting license • $70 fox hunting license (optional) Things to note: • Travel to and from Cambridge Bay, Nunavut is the hunter’s responsibility, and when booked through our travel agent is fairly reasonable. (around $1100 from Edmonton) • Any accommodations in the community of Cambridge bay before or after the hunt are not included in the hunt. It can cost as much as three hundred dollars ($300.00) a day (Canadian). This includes days lost to bad weather, and if you tag out early you will have the option to be brought back to Cambridge Bay and will have to pay for food and lodging until the departure of your flight. • Weather is the biggest and most challenging factor that can impede your hunt. • Be prepared that you may lose a day or two to bad weather, unforeseen equipment breakdowns or both. • You will need to have Canadian currency on hand as there are only a few places in Cambridge Bay that accept credit cards; • Currently license and trophy fees for Muskoxen are $550.00 per animal. These fees must be paid in Canadian currency at the wildlife office in Cambridge Bay • Meat may be taken home, this is the hunter’s responsibility and he/she will have to bring a leak proof container to transport the meat home; and • Based on past experience we strongly urge Adventure Northwest clients to consider Cancellation Insurance when booking their hunt(s). Check out Travel Guard. Winter/Spring Equipment List February to May and October to November All clothing and gear should be packed in sturdy canvas or nylon duffel bags. Outer Wear • Trans Alaska Suit from Cabela’s (Boyd’s recommendation) or • down parka and down wind pants • windproof shell and pants • pair of warm mittens • pair of warm woolen gloves with which you can shoot • warm hat with ear flaps • balaclava or ski mask for the face • ski goggles for eye protection on snowmobile • Sorrel-type boots with rubber bottoms & insulated double felt or wool pile liners Inner Wear • suit of down underwear to sleep in • wool “watch cap” or toque for sleeping • one set of long, two-piece woollen or polypropylene underwear • two pairs of warm woollen socks • two pairs of silk (or other lining material) inner socks • one pair of woollen pants • two heavy woollen shirts • heavy sweater or light down jacket Equipment • down sleeping bag, calibrated to -30 degrees Fahrenheit • one pair of binoculars • one sharp knife • one soft-padded gun case for carrying rifle on sled during hunt • Personal Items • Canadian cash or travelers cheques • Airline tickets • Supply of aspirin, throat lozenges, lip protection, prescription medicine etc. • Sun glasses, prescription glasses if required. • Sunscreen, for late April & May Hunts

Pat Garrett Garrett Bros Outfitting Box 784 Breton Ab Canada T0C0P0


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