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Which Garmin’s In Your Pack
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Frenchman 24-Jan-18
'Ike' (Phone) 24-Jan-18
Zim 25-Jan-18
Lee 25-Jan-18
Looking to upgrade...Wondering what people are carrying?

Iphone 7 with GAIA and a 4 oz battery charger. My etrex stays in camp as a backup.

If I were to carry one, it'd be a Montana with a large touch screen, but my Iphone does that and I already own it.

From: Nick Muche
I guess the Delorme is now a Garmin product, so that's it. Just the basic one. I don't carry a GPS.

From: jims
I have an old reliable 62s that works well. It has gotten me out of some nasty situations! It's nice with Onxmaps but would be a lot better with a larger screen. I've never had my batteries go dead and it's a plus being able to use rechargeable batteries.

I also use an InReach when hunting Alaska and nasty places alone. One consideration if you are ever considering an InReach is to have a gps/InReach combo so you don't have to carry both! An InReach is nice because you can text from anywhere...including super remote areas in Alaska! We text our pilot in an isolated spot in Alaska to let him know our dall sheep was down and we were ready to be picked up! An all in one InReach/gps that is capable of using OnXMaps would be a giant ungrade! I haven't really checked to see if that is available?

You may want to look at reviews. If my memory is correct most of the touch screens don't work with gloves on?

From: jstephens61
X2 on the 62s.

From: Scar Finga
If I was going to go buy one again. I would buy the Inreach! a few of my buddies have them and love them.

From: ahawkeye
64s here as well. Never been in a "nasty situation" but it's reliable and always gets me where I want to be.

From: cnelk
62st along with my Inreach [Delorme]

I dont mind carrying both, as I only use one at time

From: Bou'bound
Oregon 650T

From: bowpackerRob
Montana along with Delorme Inreach. I like having a backup

From: Mule Power
Montana 650T and I love everything about it.

From: Teeton
I have a Colorado 400t and I think a Oregon 450t.. I like the Colorado 400t better because of the buttons, but is slower then my Oregon.. I hate taking off my gloves to use a touch screen. Even with touch screen friendly gloves, it's just not as easy to use as a button gps. I can get about 4 days on/off use out of a set (2) of lithium ion batteries.. I have a AA battery holder that holds 4 batteries, it weighs in a 5 oz's with the 4 spare batteries in it. In the back county I have no way to charge my phone. I do use my phone with 3 extra batteries I got off ebay for only $20 with the Hunt Stand app.. Worked real well in U-76 2 years ago hunting elk. But my go to navigation tool is a gps. Ed

From: elkmtngear
GAIA on my phone. Used Garmin GPS for years, starting with the RINOs way back when. I don't feel the need to carry a separate GPS, with the phone solution. I

always wanted my GPS, Communication Device, and Camera to be one unit. GAIA accomplishes it.

I do carry a first generation Delorme Inreach to communicate with the Family (no GPS).

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: Bullhound
655T and love it. Really like the ability to pinpoint someone else from your group. That comes in handy when you are letting the younger ones out alone in the mountains for a bit. Good piece of mind knowing where they are.

From: wkochevar

From: Kurt
GAIA on the phone. Also carry an InReach when hunting remote stuff out of cell coverage.

From: yooper89
eTrex 20. It does the job. Got it for Christmas 4 or so years ago.

From: texbow2
64st, small screen, but I am better with buttons than touch screen

From: Chuckster
I feel dated saying this but I use a Garmin 12. Its never let me down. My buddy had an etrex, didn't like the buttons on the side.

From: deserthunter
64 st for me. Been a constant for years. I do have a Montana that I received for a Christmas present I would make someone a good deal on. Brand new never used.


From: ColoBull
The ETrex 100 still works but doesn't have the map feature. ~15 years old & still functioning - it's in the "back up" gear tub. The ETrex 200 ( ~5 years old) will be upgraded if it ever let's me down. Or they come up with a good "elk finder" feature ( haha). Cheap, reliable, functional, practical.


From: Buyse
Montana 650T

From: elk yinzer
64st and eTrex 20. Both good units. Most days I like the compact size of the eTrex. Some days I like the faster satellite acquisition of the 64. The 64 also has an electronic compass which I find useful in the dark. Given that I would upgrade my eTrex to the 30 which has one. I prefer the joystick of the eTrex over the 64 keypad. Both badly need a "lock" feature.

Have played around with my Dad's Oregon some...don't care for the touch screen.

From: Michael
I use Gaia on my IPhone as well. My Garmin Oregon 400T has sat in the glovebox for the past few years.

64st and onx on the iPhone as a backup. Lithium batteries last for days and I've never had an issue with it losing signal. Pretty durable too

From: Teeton
For you I-phone users. Last I heard was that the batteries are not changeable.. Are they changeable now and what models?? Ed

From: Helgermite
For I phones you can get a re-chargeable battery pack unit to plug your phone into when the batteries are dead or dying and get a full charge or two. These are small portable units that just plug into a wall to load a charge. After charging the unit, carry it into the field with you and when your phone is going dead, just plug into the unit and it will charge your phone.

From: Irishman
GPS Map60. Seems like I've had it forever. Very reliable. Only negative is that as I got older and my up close vision got worse, I needed to bring along reading glasses to read the GPS. Guess that would be an issue with any GPS though.

From: 7mm08
I habe an Oregon, then bought a Montana 650. I use my Samsung Galaxy 8+ most due to screen size, but when no signal and I haven't saved a map, I use the Garmins.

From: nmwapiti
Used to carry a Montana. The touchscreen wore out after a few years. Sent it in for a refurb one which I lost in Alaska a couple years later. Mostly use my phone for GPS now, but I got the Garmin Inreach Explorer mostly for the messaging ability, but also as a backup GPS. I do a lot of solo hunting so it keeps the family happy.

From: TD
Rino.... forget which model. Have a GPS on the droid phone too, I like some features, big hi-def screen, etc. others not so much. Rino is great if hunting with others with Rinos.

I'm figuring I likely wasn't good enough last year for Santa to pony up an Inreach Exploiter for Christmas...... have to work on that.....

From: carcus
Montana 650T here, use it all ice fishing season as well, love it!

64ST has worked well for me.

From: WapitiBob
Garmin Montana but I'm buying a $99 7" Samsung tablet this year. Rooting the OS and adding a 128gb sd card then installing OnX and GAIA.

From: spikebow
Another vote for the 64st

From: Beendare
7 plus with GAIA here

Is Garmin still in business? oh yeah, the sight business- Grin

From: Frenchman
62 CSX

Dang, I’m behind...Really need to look at Gaia!

From: Zim
Delorme InReach + Cached onxmaps on the iPhone. Compass (with declination adjustment) and topos on waterproof paper as backups.

From: Lee
Garmin Oregon 650 T touch screen. Great GPS.


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