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From: kbbgood
I have a set of fiber optic sights on my bow. I am 64 years old and my eyes not so good any more. So lately out praticing the sight pins are flaring on me and I'm not able to get a good sight on target. Does this happen to anyone else? Have seen the peep sights that have lens in them and am wondering if anyone uses them and do they work for people like me? Had srugery years ago for catarats and they will never get any better. I need help.

From: Paul@thefort
Robert, I have the same issues of flaring multi pins so I switched to a adjustable single pin (green) sight, ie, Montana Gold, and this surely helps but not totally. Recently I use a low power reading glasses ( 1/2 power) and that clears up any flaring of the pin. You asked about the peep sight with the magnifier lens, Verifier peep. Yes they do work the same as my reading glasses, sharper pin but will effect the target some, slight blur. I hear now that they make a true 1/4 inch lens/peep that is great for low light shooting and I may switch to that as the original peep was smaller.

Another question for you is, when you had your cataract operation, which lens did you have inserted. Normal lens or one with multi focus. I, 78 years, am scheduled for the operation on my right (aiming) eye, and would like to know? My best, Paul

From: bighorn
Verifier helped me.

From: bonehead
verifier helped a lot.Some shops have a model that you can try any see

From: Russell
I use a Verifier with multi-pin sight and normal peep with single pin.

The Verifier and green, yellow, green pins cleared it up for me. Avoid red pins as they are the worst for creating the star effect.

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