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Rabbit pellets benefit deer in winter?
Whitetail Deer
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cath8r 26-Jan-18
LKH 26-Jan-18
GF 26-Jan-18
cath8r 27-Jan-18
From: cath8r
Hi guys. Eould those green rabbit pellets benefit deer in winter?

From: LKH
Well, I know they sure like to eat them. I'm feeding the cottontails in the brush by the house. I only do it in the a.m. so the bunnies can get their fill before dark. Otherwise the deer clean it up. Same for the wheat I put in the front yard for the sharptails.

From: GF
The ones that go in the front of the rabbit, or the ones that come out the back?

From: cath8r
Cool. They smell sweet. Figured deer would like them.

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