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Wyoming Outfitter Area 7 or 108?
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From: CPAhunter
I received only a few responses to my post regarding using my 10 ELK Preference points. There were some good points made to use my 10 points on a private land hunt with plenty of elk vs. the wilderness experience so I've decided on a private land outfitted hunt plan. I've reread the Eastman's MRS section on blue-chip and other areas and cross referenced the draw odds for most LE areas. Almost all blue chip areas will need max points (I'm 2 below max).

Reading the Bowsite outfitter reports, there are very few Wyoming Elk outfitters reviewed, especially recent years so not a lot of help there.

One bowsiter (LKH) gave me a great referral to OutWest Safaris - Gene Carrico in Area 108. I spoke with Gene, he seems to be the real deal. Area 108 is not a sure bet to draw, but a decent probability.

I combed through the Wyoming Outdoors guides & Outfitters publication and looked at every outfitter that advertises in the magazine. From there, I spoke with Jared Souza of Turkey Track Outfitters in Area 7. Area 7 looks like I would surely draw in 2018.

Both of these guys have 100% success/opportunity rates over the years and sounded pretty good on the phone as someone I'd hunt with. Neither had an unsuccessful hunter as a reference. I'm leaning toward Turkey Track because he's such an avid bowhunter and I'd be staying in his cabin or possibly bivy a day or two at my option. They are located east of Laramie Peak. We'd take a UTV to the hunt area and hike the entire day. He sounded pretty intense and focus is on a sun up to sun down hunt. Guide would be either him or his dad ages 34 and 57. Wound policy = you are done if blood struck.

Outwest Safaris (Gene) does his hunts out of a motel and we take pickup 15 miles to private leases. Cow tags are also available so that's a plus. Wound policy = depends on situation and hunter attitude.

Price is the same for either outfitter. Anyone have anything good or bad about these? You may also PM me if you'd rather not comment here.

Any other outfitter that you think is worthy of a look please share. Draw is in 5 days so I need to get my application in. Thanks a lot guys - bowsiters are the best!

From: Bowboy

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I heard good things about Iron Mountain Outfitters. Might be worth a call.

From: midwest
If I had to make a decision based on your descriptions, I'd easily go with Turkey Track. I wouldn't want to be based in a motel and sounds like TT knows bowhunters.

I would check Bowboy's suggestion for sure since he lives there.

From: Scoot
Sounds like pros and cons either way. Turkey track would fit better for me based on your description.

Unit 7, Wagonhound. call dax mccarty. best place i have ever elk hunted.

From: CPAhunter
I also talked with Darren Vorhies last night in area 38 based on a bowsiter recommmendation. Darren sounds like the easiest hunt, 100% in recent years. Better hunt during bow season than Rifle. Downside is it’s a type 9 tag and can’t rifle hunt with it. Based on draw odds it’s a highly sought after tag and will likely require 9 or 10 points. It’s also a motel hunt but the upside to area 38 is it’s a little closer drive for me. I’ve got some shoulder problems (got an injection yesterday) so there’s some risk of not pulling my bow back by fall. Darren offered up his x bow if it came to that. That’s another reason I wanted the rifle option on this hunt.

Thanks again for any input, much appreciated.

From: Buffalo1
Have you talked with respective area elk biologists?

From: CPAhunter
Buffalo, no. Would that even be helpful being that I’m looking at an outfitter hunt on private ranches? I guess I’m comfortable on the quantity of elk with the 3 I talked with. Am I being naive?

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