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Pin Size Question
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bighorn 27-Jan-18
Buffalo1 27-Jan-18
CurveBow 29-Jan-18
Parker18 31-Jan-18
WV Mountaineer 31-Jan-18
bow_dude 02-Feb-18
jjs 02-Feb-18
Mike Ukrainetz 02-Feb-18
Ermine 02-Feb-18
From: bighorn
I have 3 .029 size pins my aging eyes are making my pins fuzzy. I put a verifier peep on and that helped.But would smaller pins help and what size? Also would going to a single pin slider help? Most of my hunting is spot and stalk hunting.

From: Buffalo1
I have aging eyes and went from a .019 to a.029 and that definitely helped. I have a 4x magnifier on my sight. I also use a slider style sight and like it because it eliminates looking in a sight window and seeing "pin traffic."

From: CurveBow
I have a 5 pin sight and the pins are .019. I would prefer .029, but they weren't available on that sight. I also use a 5/16" Verifier peep with the white lens. The Verifier is great to see the pins clearly and has improved my accuracy. I recommend them. I think that if you use a corect strength Verifier, then the pin size, slider vs multi-pin sight discussions become moot. You use the sight you have or the sight you like/prefer.

From: Parker18
I shoot .010 pins. I like how it doesn't cover much of the target

I went to a verifier last year due to an eye infection that caused me to lose about half my vision in my domination eye. I took it off before the season as it really didn't help. It sounds like it would help you though. As far as pin size, I prefer .19 over all of them. But, for hunting, .29 is fine for anything under a lot farther then I can shot now. And, concerning the slider, I went with a one pin system last year and I hunt to much from the ground to make that work. Ground hunting sneaking around, requires quick acquisition and sight on target. No time or allowance for the movement needed to move the dang thing for me. Good luck and try the verifier. God Bless

From: bow_dude
I don't have aging eyes, I am past that stage.. my eyes are aged and getting older. I have tried several things to fit my style of shooting and have had to learn to change with age. I am not as steady as I was once, my vision is not as sharp, but through all this, my accuracy has continued to remain good and to some extent, improve. I have tried glasses... frame got in the way, tried a single contact... setting the slider got too blurry, tried the lens and clarifier... movement was magnified too much. Haven't tried a verifier yet. I do use a slider and I use .019 pins. Don't like a large pin, I want to see the target as well as the pin. I use a sight light to help see the pins. Mostly I have learned to trust my float... let it happen and try not to control it, and focus on the target, not the pin... see the pin, but look thru it, not at it. Those two things have helped me the most. My vision beyond 10 feet is still sharp... enough. I am 64 years old and still shoot in a 3-d league. I am shooting a consistent 290 + score out of 300 each week. Last week another 298, can't seem to hit that magic 300 this year. I don't shoot spots... just don't enjoy it, although it is great practice, just boring to always shoot at the same thing shot after shot. I have found that if the pin is too sharp, I try to focus too much on it and then the float gets worse. I am sure as I continue to get closer to 70, things will deteriorate, hopefully I can continue to adapt. Good luck in your quest.

From: jjs
Get rid of the pin, EZV sight will solve any problems and distance problems.

Not sure how SMALLER pins would help poor eye sight? A verifier peep and .029 multiple 5 pin sight works best for me after cataract and lens replacement surgery

From: Ermine
.10 for me. I like it covering less of the target

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