Vortex Broadheads
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ground hunter 28-Jan-18
molsonarcher 28-Jan-18
does anyone here, work with or are associated with lumenocs, if so send me a PM I have some questions for you,,,,,,, I sent them a email,,,,,,, I love the noc, it is the brightest that I have used, but the last pack I bought, 2 failed, (again),,,, frustrating,,,,,

I missed a shot yesterday afternoon, I was disappointed with the noc not lighting up, shooting from the ground, makes my chances of arrow recovery better,,,, man I hate that, for what they charge,,,,,,

From: molsonarcher
I don’t work for and am not affiliated with the company. What I can offer is this: I had the same issue last year. I took the package back to my local pro shop where I purchased them and explained the situation. The gave me a new package that worked properly. About a month later I was in the pro shop again, and the technician gave me another package, courtesy of Lumenoc. The tec told me he called and explained the situation, and they sent him a new package for me for my inconvenience and their failed product. According to my tech, they wanted the defective ones back to determine the problem, and mine weren’t the only ones that he sent back. Just my .02, but maybe take them back to where you bought them and see if they are willing to help.

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