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WY Unit 1
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Brotsky 29-Jan-18
Topgun 30-06 29-Jan-18
SoDakSooner 30-Jan-18
wytex 31-Jan-18
LINK 31-Jan-18
Marsh 01-Feb-18
From: Brotsky
I've got a buddy with 10 points in WY who's thinking about pulling the trigger on Unit 1. I'm infinitely familiar with the Black Hills on the SD side of the border but I've not spent any time in the WY Black Hills. Anyone hunted 1 in the past couple of years? Just looking for info on numbers of elk and quality. I know the Black Hills isn't known for giants but is a 300+" bull a reality in 1 or is he better off waiting and going elsewhere? Thanks.

From: Topgun 30-06
It took 10 PPs to draw that tag in that dinky little area of Wyoming last year. With that many PPs that open up so many good to great areas, there is no way I would even look at unit 1!

From: SoDakSooner
We are saving(a long ways to go) for a unit 1 tag. My brother has hunted the SD side extensively, much like you Brotsky and has seen some good ones go over the border to Wyoming. Have some friends that have hunted it not that long ago and both did really well. It was on a private ranch though if I remember correctly. Like you I am not that familiar with the Wyoming side. We have no real stake in Wyoming so hunting that area would allow us to be "home" so to speak.

From: wytex
Much better areas with those PP.

From: LINK
What are the better areas?

From: Marsh
I hunted there a few years ago. There is a lot of hunting pressure. A lot of locals take the whole month of September off and bow hunt pretty much everyday. A lot of elk on public early and then get pushed onto private as the season goes and get call shy. Easy terrain as far as elk country. I do not plan on going back, but if I did I would go early and for as long as I could.

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