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Javalina 36b
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Justwanttohunt 29-Jan-18
Ambush 29-Jan-18
Empty Freezer 29-Jan-18
Greg S 30-Jan-18
Hello new to the page, I picked up an otc tag for 36b javalina. I have never been to the area and will not have a chance to scout prior to the hunt. Anyone know the unit or have some tips advice as to good locations to find javalinas? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

From: Ambush

Tough place for javelina. Spent 6 days in December and had 20 run across the road. Just not alot of them their. After a fresh rain if you find tracks run fast u might catch em. Good Luck

From: Greg S
Don’t know about that unit but best way to find pigs is have a bunch of high points you can glass from that you can drive to and just keep hitting them.

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