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Good rough country boot ?
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jdee 29-Jan-18
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WapitiBob 29-Jan-18
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TK 30-Jan-18
Cheesehead Mike 30-Jan-18
From: jdee
I have a good deal on a pair of Lowa Tibet GTX boots the lower ones not the high 9 inch . Never have owned Lowas but I’m looking for a good uninsulated elk hunting boot and from evert thing I have heard Lowa is a great boot. The terrain I hunt elk in is rough, steep canyons that if your not using GOOD boots your feet don’t last very long. Looking for some feed back on these . Thanks

From: Trial153
Tibet’s are good solid boots, plenty stiff enough for rough county and hawling loads.

From: ElkNut1
Lowas are very good boots. If the country you mention is anything as you describe I'd get the taller boot for sure, they will help support you so much better!


From: SJJ
KInda like what bow to get...gotta just shoot them (try them on). I did a lot of research on boots and settled on the Solomon's ($129). Crispi & Kenentek ($300) were in the running. There are a lot of opinions

From: WapitiBob
Get a stiff soled, real boot. The Tibets or a Hanwag Alaskan will fit the bill.

From: Lost Arra
Great boots. The stiff soles provide support under a pack load but I don't feel very sneaky in them during bow season. Probably just in my head.

From: kota-man
I'm a HUGE Lowa fan, because they make a great boot and more importantly, they fit like they are made for me. If that boot fits you, it will do everything you need it to.

From: Bill Obeid
If they fit you like they fit me...... snap em up. I bought a pair from a Bowsiter who thought they were uncomfortable. But on me they feel like slippers..... I love them! Plenty tough enough to handle elk and sheep country!

Yep..... That bowsiter was me and they killed my feet, but not all boots were made to fit everyone. Meindl boots fit me well.

From: Franklin
I love my Lowa Sheep Hunters....fits perfect and very light and stealthy. Great ankle support as they are taller. I have nerve damage in left leg so my ankle rolls.

From: starbux
I tried Lowa’s and they were too narrow for my feet. The wide Crispi’s fit me perfect.

Im reading good things about crispis. Thinking about getting a pair.

From: DanaC
Fit is subjective, so don't get hung up on brand names. One companies' boots just might not work for your foot shape. Evey company builds boots to a certain 'model' foot, called a 'last'. Those are not identical. Some brands are just going to feel better than others; overall quality is a separate issue. I'd suggest visiting a real hiking/camping outfitter with a good boot department, rather than a 'hunting' store.

From: Wapitidung
Just bought a pair of Zamberlan Leopard. LIke them. Course had to get the wide model.

From: Bou'bound
Great boot

From: TK
I have a new pair of Lowa Caminos Size 10 I wore around them around the house for a few days but could not get comfortable in em. $200.00

I have a couple pair of Lowa Tibets and a pair of Hanwag Alaska's. The Tibets are good but I like the Hanwags a little better.

Last year I picked up a pair of Lowa Caminos and I really like them. They are a little lighter duty than the Tibets and Alaska's but they still have a lot of support and the sole is not as stiff.

Lowas and Hanwags all run fairly narrow and I have to go with the wide models.

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