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Back tension release
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bear bowman 30-Jan-18
WapitiBob 30-Jan-18
Ron Murphy 30-Jan-18
Dino 31-Jan-18
bear bowman 31-Jan-18
From: bear bowman
Hello everyone. I just recently got my wife shooting and we are thinking about trying out a back tension style of release. Does anyone have any opinions about where to start? Meaning style, brand etc. Thanks for any input

From: WapitiBob
Carter honey do or a truball sweet spot pro.

Draw it with 70% index finger 30% middle finger. This will set the beginning rotation angle of the release such that the remaining rotation required to fire will less noticeable than if you draw with even pressure across all fingers and the release being more 90 deg to the draw arm. Start close, blank bale to learn release activation, add a target, still close distance then work back.

From: Ron Murphy
Every thing Wapiti Bob said except I would get her into a resistance activated release like the Carter Attraction or Evolution as soon as she is able. You can cheat with a hinge release you cant with a resistance activated release. Start her using back tension now and she should be target panic free for the rest of her days. She should have an easier time using back tension now instead of later after using a trigger releasel

From: Dino
Well said Mr. Murphy.

From: bear bowman
Thanks for the input.

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