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CO past winter kill
Mule Deer
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From: LKH
Considering an early rifle hunt in 82. It's in the vicinity of Salida, Moffat, and Alamosa. Those cities, in order, are in or near the north, middle and south ends of 82.

Does anyone have knowledge of past winter kill or know how to find out for the period 2012 through 2017?

From: Treeline

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That unit has not had a bad winter for a while. So far this winter is really dry across the state and the deer are doing well. The link will let you look at historical snowfall totals across the state by basins.

From: Rob in VT
Alamosa is in the valley. They don’t get much snow at all.

From: Ucsdryder
Only winter kill we might see this year is from sun burns.

From: LKH
When I put in the cities listed (Alamosa) it was just to give some geographical references.

From: Tdiesel
should be ok as far as winter kill I live in the valley and we haven't had too bad of a winter especially on the east range. Last year we had quite a bit of snow but the deer seemed to fair it ok. The Mtn. Lion population is up over there but there are still some good bucks.

From: LKH
Thanks for the help,

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