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WY Elk/deer/lope combo hunt advice
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BullSac 31-Jan-18
From: BullSac
Ok here’s the dream: in 2019 I would like to do a elk / deer / antelope mission. Any antlered elk, antlered deer, and buck antelope will work just fine. Meat tastes better than antlers to me. I could do 30+ days, or about however long it took to get it done. I will have 9 deer points, 3 elk, and 3 antelope going into 2019. I thought of breaking it up some and applying for elk this year w 2 points, but I found a sweet little Colorado OTC spot last year that is begging for me to come back (never saw another hunter and killed a bull on day one!!)

Ideally, I would base the overall hunt on the deer points and probably focus on Region G with an accompanying General elk tag. I could plan this out on my own with the areas I know, but it would involve LOTS of driving in between animals. I don’t mind hitting my favorite antelope spot near Laramie on my way through or back.

I guess the question is, anyone know of a certain area, or even private land access (would like to avoid outfitters but may consider it; I’m cheap: would need to be drop camp etc.) that would fit the elk and deer bill at the same time?

I’m just kind of brainstorming at this point, and plan on doing lots of research as always, but would love to hear suggestions from others. 45 days would not even be out of the question to get it all done. Call it a midlife crisis sort of deal :)


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