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Bow cases and flying?
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From: JEG
Planning a trip to Alaska this fall and while looking at the airlines baggage size limits it appears my bow case, the legend Everest 44 is to big and I would be charged a extra fee of $200. The size limit is 62" and mine comes up to 70" length + width + depth. I see from other posts many people traveling with cases that are over the airlines 62" limit. Are you guys getting charged for oversized baggage or are the airlines more concerned about the 50lb weight limit and overlook the size? Trying to plan ahead and eliminate any surprises. Thanks

From: Royboy
I know a person that uses a golf bag for her bow. No extra charge but not sure about a golf case to Alaska!

I have never had any problem with my bow case and it is over the size limit. That being said, the airlines are very inconsistent and it often depends on your status with the airline.

From: Buffalo1
I've never had a bow case measured,I never had one that wasn't weighed. I think most airlines are more concerned about weight. Keep weight under 50# and I bet you'll be good to go with no penalty charges.

From: Bou'bound
everyone has been weighed never had one measured.

that said.........there are no airline policies only the rules of the person you are dealing with. if you get a bad dude you're screwed and if you try to pull rank and policy on them you may save yourself a few bucks on a bow case that never arrives or is heavily damaged upon arrival

From: smarba
Never measured, always weighed. I have used golf case to Alaska and when I picked up the bag from oversized luggage gate there were several others coming off too. One guy grabbed his "golf" case as I grabbed mine and said "good luck golfing" as he imitated reeling in a big fish.

I've since switched to Sitka Nomad (which I like very much) because my newer bow didn't fit in the SKB golf case I had.

From: JEG
Thanks, you guys confirmed what I suspected.

From: jstephens61
My SKB was weighed but not measured last time I flew with it. It’s a 3i-4217 double.

From: Trial153
i have used a regular single skb and also a sitka nomad. I never been measured for each but they have weighted them quicker then you can say weight watchers

From: Bou'bound
The place you set them down is a scale. Every bag is weighed for record purposes

From: Beendare
Yeah, Back when there was a 70# weight limit you could get away with using a big ole heavy rectangular Aluminum hard case like TD had....heck the scrap aluminum value of that thing alone is probably $100/ grin

Now with the 50# weight limit...and them charging you for every bag [Southwest excluded] its in our best interest to max out our baggage to get all of our gear to the hunt.

There are a few good bags similar to the Sitka Nomad. I converted to this about 8 years ago and it works great.

No matter what bag you use you have to consider another factor; TSA. They will never repack carefully. So a TSA goof proof packing system that insures nothing sharp next to your string/cables is a must.

I pack my bow in a cheapie soft case at the bottom of my nomad, then zip locks or clear cases for just about everything else but clothes. I can get just about everything clothes and gear wise I need for a hunt in the Nomad....except my size 14's. Grin

From: jims
I've used a 54" hard case on many Alaska trips and have never had them measure it. They seem a lot more concerned about weight. I always gut the foam in my case and load it with clothes, fishing rods, and other gear until it reaches the 50 lb limit. It's amazing how much stuff you can get inside a case. Be prepared to open it up if they want to look inside...which is always an ordeal!

From: g5smoke21
Im sure you will be fine...have traveled with both rifle and bow cases that exceeded size limits and not once were any measured or charged extra

Seems there would be a market for a quality collapsible compound for all those who fly to hunt.

From: DonVathome
Generally speaking you’re not typically charge oversized baggage fees for bow cases rifle cases golf club cases skis etc.

That said every time I read it it is open to get charged as always carefully pick who you check in with and be very nice! Many of those people have no idea what they’re doing and you would not believe what I’ve seen. Pointing out there wrong is probably not going to help your situation either!

I doubt you’ll get charged

From: Franklin
I have started shipping my weapon....far safer shipping than a airline.

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