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I’m in beginning stages of planning a diy elk trip to either wyoming or Colorado I know colorado has a ton of elk but know there’s a ton of hunting pressure. Looking for advice for either state such as otc, draw, what units to look into I don’t want a giant just a good reprentative of a elk

From: maxracx
Chasein, you are not alone. I have been researching the same thing. My hunting partner and I are considering Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho. I know this topic has been beat to death on various forums. I am looking for the "been there, done that" advise as well.

If you're looking for a first time tag, I'd put in in a few states like ID (some good elk draw tags), NM, and WY and hope for a tag and if you don't draw, go OTC in CO, ID, or pull a MT leftover if they still have any. You will have to do some research to figure out how and where to do this, but every hour spent researching and reading will net you better success.

From: Michael
The good news about the CO draw is the Wyoming draw will have posted by the time Co app time comes around.

There are a couple units you can draw in CO with zero points. I have hunted one of them.

I have only hunted a couple of otc units in CO however the no point draw unit was a better hunt compared to the otc units I hunted. Not only in quantity of elk seen and opportunities but pressure as well.

New Mexico has no preference points so it’s worth putting in for a tag there as well. You have just as good of a chance at drawing as everyone else. If you don’t draw there you could always go the otc routes like Ike mentioned.

From: Glunt@work
Colorado is "easy" as far as license planning. You can stop at Walmart on your way up to the mountains and buy your tag thats good on hundreds of thousands of public acres of elk habitat.

Yes, there is pressure. But, getting a big chunk to yourself can be done by hunting nasty terrain, hunting over-looked easy access spots, hunting less traditional habitat or sometimes just by getting up an hour earlier than the rest of the guys at the trail head. Plenty of elk are killed places where plenty of guys are after them. Often a mile from a paved road has less pressure than you find after a 5 mile hike into a wilderness area.

Want to know how I did my first elk hunt in 1980? I came from Wisconsin,,,,,, I packed my truck, drove out to SW Colorado, bought a license at Howards Sport Shop in Cortez, (that's where I ended up for some reason), and got at it,,,,,,, I had equipment, some was good, some was useless, I learned a lot, had 10 days to hunt, killed a nice cow elk, met some nice locals, and I was on my way.......

With todays internet, the equipment lists and books like by Cameron Hanes etc, the work is almost done for you, except to go at it,,,,,,,, Evaluate your physical condition and be honest about it........ One year I hunted Idaho, and believe me that is some rough country,,,,, I did notice all the elk down below, feeding in the fields of a rancher,,,, I drove in and found him, as long as I would kill a cow, I was welcomed to hunt,,,,, you bet I took a cow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Wy put in for the draw, but terrain can be easy or it can be hard,,,,, Also realize this is not TV hunting, how are you going to get your animal out? Are you ready to have the right stuff, so no meat is wasted? I know a guy who shot a big bull, in a draw area, and it took over 12 hours for him, to pack it out alone,,,, It was a dam shame the meat that was wasted, due to the heat of the day, and that is not ethical in my opinion.....

Now at 68 I can not go like I use to, although I work hard to stay in shape,,, I only go out every other year, which I will this year... I will go with OTC Colorado, and I hunt now out of my truck, and stay mobile,,,,, My last trip, I had to pass a bull, because I was too far in, and too deep, to even get it out, if I had taken the shot.......

I would also do a drop camp, there are some good ones,,,,, One year I had a packer arranged out of Pagosa Springs, beautiful area, almost moved there, but too many people there for me now.....

I have also paid a fee, and hunted on a private ranch, and had a place to camp, shot my biggest bull there,,,, it was great, but than an outfitter leased it up, and the cost was too prohibitive for me..................

good luck, lots of options, but the first thing you need to do, is just go

From: otcWill
Unless you have solid intel, CO otc doesn't compare to WY general. The few general units I've hunted in WY have been comparable to CO limited entry units. Good luck!

From: splitlimb13
Ground hunter said it all!! Need to have a plan for everything after the hunt is successful. If you apply for n.m . Message me.

From: Lark Bunting
Go watch the Born and Raised "Land of the Free" series on youtube. The whole premise to that series is that anyone can hunt the public lands out west, you just need to go..."buy tags, not gear".

I'm a new hunter and I have learned a lot about hunting Colorado. I bought my first tag at Walmart and hunted National Forest. I got to see some amazing things and learned a lot on that first trip with my son. Oh, and I am a resident here!

Put in for preference points since they are practically free now, come hunt OTC for a couple years and you'll gain some experience, then put in for the Flat Tops area when you have a point or two and see what happens!

Or put in for the Flattops the first time and you might draw, if not go OTC and draw the Flattops next time.

From: Exhughes2
The East side of the Flattops is OTC, the West side is OTC private property only for archery. The whole thing is OTC rifle 2nd & 3rd seasons. Let me know if I can help out in finding a place to hunt.

From: splitlimb13
Yep, watch YouTube . You can learn it all on YouTube.

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