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Old Age and the Half-rack Mystery
Whitetail Deer
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Bowriter 02-Feb-18
Fuzzy 02-Feb-18
eddie c 02-Feb-18
TrapperKayak 02-Feb-18
wilbur 02-Feb-18
woodsman 02-Feb-18
Errorhead 02-Feb-18
midwest 03-Feb-18
Nick Muche 13-Feb-18
From: Bowriter
I guess it is just old age. I found half a rack-one antler, still attached to half the skull plate. It was on top the freezer in my garage. Just for giggles, I scored that one antler and came up 73-3/8. Now, assume other side matches and allow a 16" spread and you have something close to 163 score.

Here is the odd part. For the life of me, I cannot remember when or where I killed it. Writing on the skull says. 03-I. The rest is, I guess, on the other half of the skull. So either IL or IA cause I know it isn't IN or ID. I hunted both states a lot, back then and have a vague memory of killing a good deer but can't recall the specifics. I have torn the place apart, looking for the other half. No luck, there.

So, I put the dam rack up so I could do "something" with it and now can't remember where I put it. And...this was just yesterday. Now, I am wondering if I made a rattling antler out of the other half. I know I had one antler and I was looking for a match. Can't find it, either.

I seem to recall, a day or so ago, I had a wife around here, somewhere, too.

From: Fuzzy
I hope you find the antler

From: eddie c
"I seem to recall, a day or so ago, I had a wife around here, somewhere, too."

she may have the other antler. maybe you need to look for her. lol

From: TrapperKayak
Funny how things disappear if you don't give them enough attention.

From: wilbur
I just looked out the window this morning, the snow is nearly waste high and the temperature is 30 below zero, with the north wind blowing near gale force. My wife has done nothing but look through the kitchen window and just stare. I guess if it gets much worse I may have to let her in.

From: woodsman
Now that was funny Tom!

From: Errorhead
LOL best one I've heard in a while there Wilbur.

From: midwest
LOL@ wilbur!

From: Nick Muche
Wilbur for the win!

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