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Bow-Siters in For Wyo Elk
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'morning All,

With the draw closed in Wyo for Elk.....

What ya in for?

Me ~~ going for Any Elk 12th year out of 13 for 'cheapie fee' Solo applicant Gen Tag. a Reduced Price cow/calf up north too.

A fellow bow-siter from Minn and his new girlfriend put in separate as they have a 1.5 point average on the Gen tag and should draw so my yearly Wyo Bow Elk camp should be fun again this year.

Good luck, Robb

From: Trial153
I am in for a bighorn unit in the special draw. Burning my points and don’t plan of buying any more in WY.

From: Nick Muche
'morn UT-Robb,

Cowboy-State Draws all closed - for sure. You went w/ the "Cheapie Fee" and I decided to go for the "cheapest" fee and skip it like every other yr.

Gd luck with the calf/cow combo platter though, that'll be some good meats to eats.

From: elkstabber
Took a long shot at a Bighorns tag with odds less than 5%. Oh well, I'll get the money back in time to give to another state.

From: Biker
sept is a long ways off hope he still has this New GF lol

From: Treeline
It will be just another point when that comes up later on. Not sure that I will have the time to commit to a serious elk hunt up there this year. I am thinking that I will burn antelope and deer points up there this year, though.

From: joehunter
My son and daughter are going in together in the Gen. reg. with 2 points average. I went in by myself in the special gen with no points hoping to get lucky to go on a great family hunt. If i do not draw i will play guide DIY public land in a general unit.

From: Mule Power
Special General with 1 point. I consider myself lucky because I have no points but my partner has 2. Fingers crossed. If the hunting gods don’t smile upon me it’ll either be Montana or caribou in Nick’s back yard.

Special draw General tag points. Wish me luck. Still working on the back up plan. Have 7 CO points to burn but not set on a unit yet.

From: otcWill
Random only for me.

From: Pyrannah
im in for my first time!!!! WWWWOOOOOOoooooooooooo!!!!!!!

From: Nesser
In for special general with 1 pt

From: NoWiser
Regular Gen with 1 point and a tough to draw Type 6 tag. I've got a backup plan.

From: sticksender
Southern Wyoming unit, special draw with max points.

From: Bake
For the first time since I began the draws game roughly 10 years ago, I'm completely out of all draws this year, as far as trying to get tags. BP and PP all the way across the board in every state that I apply. I think . . . . :)

I can't spare any time in Aug. or Sept. In October I'll be catching up at work, so it's out. In November I'll be whitie chasing. I'm still on the fence about whether to throw my name in the hat for later hunts like some of the sheep tags and some of the later NM hunts. But I think I'm out of those as well this year.

Good luck to everyone in the draws. I'll be back in the game next year for sure, with double digits for dang near everything :)

From: elkster
Random unit 7 , gen tag 2nd choice. Our group has an average of 1 pt.

From: pikemaster
I'm in for the first time this year. Looks like I have about a 25% chance of drawing for the unit I put in for.

From: TMA1010
I've got hunts lined up in Montana in Sept for elk and Colorado for Mulies in Oct so Wyoming is just points for me. I'll have 8 points going into next year's draw, and then with a Newfoundland Moose hunt for 2019 I'll probably look to burn my points in WY in 2020 and likely stay away from reapplying there in the future. Just not a good fiscal decision at this point, and I doubt things will get better in the future.

From: Snag
Drew a Bighorns tag last year. Had to turn it back in. Put in for pts. Maybe next year.

From: Scoot
I'm in for the limited-entry area that we always apply for. Of course I won't draw once again, but you never know...

From: JTreeman
I’m in. Special general wirh no points. I’m kinda hoping I don’t draw really (which isn’t real likely anyway). Have a full year, and if I pull that elk tag I’ll have to take off the whole month of september!

But who needs a wife, job, House, or money. Let’s go hunting!


From: CPAhunter
I put in Regular draw with 10 points. It took 9 last year so I should get drawn. First time ever elk hunting in Wyoming and first time ever elk hunting with a bow. Also put in for a cow/calf reduced price tag just for the extra fun :-)

From: WapitiBob
Change period goes thru Feb 5th, I'm not saying anything.

From: Michael
Since I burned my points last year I am hoping for a random tag in the center of the state in the special draw.

If nothing there it’s on to plan B.

From: midwest
Snowball's chance in hell 1st choice with max points, type 4 2nd choice in a different unit. If I don't draw either of those, I'm dumping my max antelope points for a Red Desert rut hunt.

From: MQ1
General with 3 points.

Will hunt Archery for 31 days.

From: Dikndirt
General regular for both me and my son [twinetickler]. have 3 points each, better get my arse in shape!!!

First time applying for Wy. Hoping for just a point really but I put in for a type 9 tag in a Gen unit regular draw. I think I only have a 5% chance of drawing in the random as I know I won’t draw in the reg drawing with 0 points. Guess we’ll see.

General regular with 2.3333 points

From: pirogue
May we all, just once in awhile, have the draw luck that Robb has.

From: YZF-88
I applied for a Type-9 tag with 9 points. This year is open but next year will be very busy so I really hope to draw...finally.

From: Bigdan
Points only for me in Wyoming going to draw Az this year going for a tag in Wyoming next year

From: Stekewood
My buddy and I are in for area 7 with enough points to draw. Can't wait.

From: 'Ike'
I'm in, just not sure for what yet, still a few days to decide...

From: Inshart
I'm in - my partners dropped out, but I'm going after it with 2 points. Good luck to everyone.

Central WY with zero points in the Special, eyeing the leftover draw if I don’t draw any of the SW U.S. states.

From: cmbbulldog
In for unit 7, will draw.

From: SBH
Very close friend and elk hunting buddy moved to Jackson last year so I bought a pt last year. Put in for general this year with 1 pt...gohunt says I have 14% chance to draw. Will go down there either way and help him out weather I draw or not. Would be my first elk hunt out of state. If I don't draw, looks like I'm 100% for next year down there. Would be my first time hunting elk in Wyoming.

From: Trial153
if i draw AZ to its going to be a hell of a September

Quick question. Is it possible to just apply for a point similar to colorado? Ive been buying points of WY in sept the last 5yrs but was wondering if you can double up so to speak.

Or is it that you gain a point if you dont draw the tag you apply for?

From: Native Okie
Regular Type 1 with archery permit with 5 pts. Fingers crossed.

From: sticksender
GnG only one point per year per species, if that’s what you’re asking.

Yep... Answers the question. Thanks


Exciting to see so many are going for Wyo Gold!

C-Head Mike you bringing the bad-Azz SS out for evening ' Local Talent ' cruising in town? haha

Good luck, Robb

From: Wishedhead
In for 38 type 9 with a group of 5 nrs with an average of 8 points. Keeping fingers crossed but more than likely a couple years out

From: ohiohunter
Yep, gen regular 4 party group in w/ 2pt avg.

From: pav
Just a point this year for me. One point closer to applying for a LE Type 9 tag...likely via the special draw. Yeah, I know...Teddy Roosevelt is probably turning over in his grave as I type this.....

From: elkmtngear
Put in for a PP Last Year, so, Special General with 1 point.

Gotta pay to play, right?

From: KB
10 points Special pool in a Bighorns unit. Should get it. Plan to live in there for 5 weeks if it takes that long. Good luck everyone else!

From: Ron Niziolek
Kaleb, You'll be done in a week:)

No, the SS won't make it out west Robb, well at least not until I retire and move out there ;^)

From: Robear
My brother and I put in separately with max points for 22. Still not great odds, but slowly getting better.

All over but the crying now, we’ll see what happens on the 22nd!

From: Lost Arra
I'm in the draw. I just hope I'm in the mountains next fall.

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