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Great American Outdoor Show - Anybody?
Wild Sheep
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geoffp 03-Feb-18
Guardian Hunter 03-Feb-18
Shug 04-Feb-18
gottoohunt 04-Feb-18
elkstabber 05-Feb-18
From: geoffp
Guys, I would love to meet any of you in person that are going to the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA. I will be there from Noon on 2/8 through 2/11 at the Outdoor Vision ( booth #3710.

Many of you helped me in preparing for my sheep hunt earlier this year and it would be great to say hi in person.

Thanks, Geoff

I will be in the Guardian hunting booth in the west building. Be great to meet up! Gary

From: Shug
I’ll be there Wednesday limping around

From: gottoohunt
Heading up on Monday the 5th. gottoohunt

From: elkstabber
Will be ogling expensive hunts and fondling expensive things that I can't afford on Saturday 10 February.

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