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Setting up a target bow
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BOX CALL 03-Feb-18
Shawn 03-Feb-18
Putting a set of spyder 40# ,64" limbs on a cartel riser.using this bow for target and some a 3 Rivers srf single sight.I'm pulling 31" draw.fletching a set of easton bloodsport 400 carbons with 3" offset feathers.bow measures at 68" nock to nock.will the 31" draw put the poundage up enough for the 400 carbons,thanks,dan

From: Shawn
Nope, not unless you shoot a real heavy point. The fact the bow can be tuned with a plunger and springy rest will help I still believe you will need a lighter spine and if you shoot like an 85 grain point would maybe able to tune a .600 spine but tough to find one over 31"s long most are 30"s. Shawn

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