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Conch 03-Feb-18
Tjw 04-Feb-18
Conch 05-Feb-18
Dikndirt 05-Feb-18
From: Conch
I have been on and around the unit many times. I have been lucky and have taken some decent archery pronghorns there. It's been a few years since I have been on the unit. In the day you could expect to see a lot of antelope. I think over the years I've seen a couple of bucks in the 15 inch range and 1 buck that could have gone 16. What would a guy expect now. Has the herd been pruned down to mostly juvenile bucks or could one expect to find some mature specimens? Digging deep into Utah's statistics makes me wonder with information stating antelope are maxed out at a very young age. One tooth sent in by a relative showed the buck he took was 11/2 years old. It was a fairly heavy 14" animal. I'm not a biologist but does this seem possible? Anyway, if I hunt hard could I find a mature buck in the 15 plus range? I always figured the gene pool on the unit was weak and would just like input on what others think about the unit.

From: Tjw

Tjw's embedded Photo
Tjw's embedded Photo
Shot this one 3 years ago. On paunsgaunt side. Points have jumped up for res. Always seem to have a good one or two. Peace

From: Conch
Nice buck TJW! Thanks for your input. Back in the day a guy could draw the archery tag every time, after the waiting period. It did get popular fast. Bummer...

From: Dikndirt
Conch, not near as good as it used to be and getting darn tough to draw for both resi or nr. I too look back with fondness at this unit as I have drawn 3 times. but the most recent being about 10 years ago.

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