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Bowriter 06-Feb-18
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From: Bowriter
So, on a whim, I decided to measure an old mule deer rack from the late '60's. Don't know why I never measured it before. Grosses 147 and change. Less than an inch deducts. One of my first bow kills. came from Converse Co. Wyoming. Have no idea what P&Y minimums are but kinda wish I had it mounted. Best I recall, second or third best I ever killed.

Been doing a lot of cleaning lately and finding old racks I had forgotten about. Kinda fun. Found a set of rattling antlers I had cut the brow times off. Killed him in NE. probably go 130. Remember it being well below zero the morning I killed him. Lots of memories in old rack....but some, I just flat don't remember killing. Old age and 13 concussions.

Luckily ever since my very first bow kill almost 40 years ago I have keep a log of the date, location, weather, specie (male/female) and short story of the hunt. I am glad I did it since I can remember each and every one by referring to this log book.

PS: P&Y Mulie Typical is 145".

From: Timbrhuntr
Same here after each day I would get out the book and write in the info of the hunt. I am surprised that you never did this being a writer .

From: Bowriter
I started keeping a journal in 1984. Some years, I was faithful in writing in it, some not faithful. I stopped writing a journal a couple years ago because I got tired of writing, "Got up, went to Bible Study, had mild workout, came home did ...etc."

For a long time, I wrote the pertinent info on the skull plate if I kept the antlers. Now, I can't even decipher that.

From: Moons22
I am 21 years old. Started when I was 12. Killed first deer at age 17, and have killed 22 deer since then. I print off a picture of myself with the animal and put it in the "book of kills". Write the date and where I killed it on the back. Will be cool to go back when I'm older and look through it. Show future kids or grandkids if that ever happens.

From: darralld
Wish I would have kept a log. My brothers have always done it.

From: Treeline
Never have kept a log. Would probably be interesting, but I just never started and figured that if I did, it would be kind of like washing my truck and it raining or snowing right after, and I would never kill anything...

From: Deebz
I currently have 4 racks on the wall as I sit here, 1 in the basement to finish up as a euro mount, and a real stud at the taxidermist I'm waiting to get back....I can recall each of them so far...and I'm pretty sure I can remember each doe kill in between. I really enjoy thinking back on those hunts and replaying the entire day when I can't be outside.

From: Bou'bound
I kept a log of every deer hunt from #1 through the last one. 33 years. can tell you every day, time hunted, deer seen, gender, and where seen. crazy to look back on. never kept log on other than deer hunts but wrote stories for most of them.

From: grubby
something I have done on all of my mounts is write on the back some basic info. Might be interesting for someone some day.

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