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Halon 32
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From: bow-hnt
I know i will get a lot of different opinions, But, for those who own a Halon 32, is it worth the money?

From: Sivart
I would say yes, beings I own 3 of them....

I bought one last year and found it to be perfect for me. I had been watching for a nice used Switchback XT, as that was previously my best shooting bow and I regret selling it, but I found a deal on another Halon 32 and now have two. You should be able to find a new one for couple hundred bucks off right now.

From: yooper89
I bought one in June and love it. I don't plan on changing anything for a good, long while.

From: cath8r
I nought one. 32/6 30.5" draw. Really like the dang thing. Its quiet and fast.

Mine is for sale on EBay. I bought the new Bowtech. Much smoother with a solid wall.

From: ohiohunter
Should’ve sold it here to avoid the fees. Did you get the realm?

From: Elk4Doc
I bought a Halon in fall of 2016. I have previously only shot Hoyt bows. My archery pro shop owner consistently urged me to consider a Mathews so I bought the Halon 32 on his recommendation. I have found it to be a very quiet and easy to draw bow that I have been able to tune well. I was very amazed at how quiet it is compared to my Nitrum. I have loved my Hoyt Nitrum Turbo, but prefer the smoother draw cycle of the Halon. There are so many factors to a well tuned bow, but the Halon was easy to tune and shoots very well. The only down side is the weight of the bow. I just bought a Bee Stinger side bar mount and with a side stabilizer and it seems to balance very well, but it is heavy and heavier with the side stabilizer. I noticed the weight compared to my Hoyt bows this past year climbing up the mountains in Colorado. However, I got used to it and frankly will continue to carry the Halon because it shoots so well. There are so many great bows on the market, and the Halon 32 is clearly one of those in my opinion.

I did get the Realm and love it.

From: ohiohunter
I just shot the triax. Kinda liked it given the lack of stabilizer and improper peep placement.

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