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Grand Slam Club/Ovis Founder Passes Away
Wild Sheep
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From: kscowboy

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Prayers for his family

From: Bill Obeid
I was always a FNAWS supporter. GSCO rubbed me the wrong way.

That said , my condolences to The Campbell family.

From: Nick Muche
Somewhat surprised by the lack of posts on this thread. I certainly send my prayers to the Campbell family.

From: arky
I am praying for the family

From: Shrewski
I was a member of both organizations. When all the hub bub was going on I stopped by the GSC headquarters during a business trip and got Dennis’ side of the story. He was always kind to me and free with his immense knowledge of the sheep hunting world. I appreciate his many contributions to the hunting world and could tell how much he loved his club and more importantly his family during our visits.

From: kota-man
Agree or not with him personally, Dennis was a good guy. I too appreciate his contributions to the sport I love. RIP.

From: Trial153
He was a hunter, one of us. I never met him but I have talked to his son on few occasions, condolences to him and his family.

From: JM
Anyone who ever attended a GSCO convention and met Dennis will know how personable and genuinely nice he was, my condolences to the Campbell family.

John MacPeak

From: Hawkeye
My condolences to the Campbell family and hopefully he is in a better place. I spoke with him once and a he was a genuinely nice man. RIP Dennis.

From: Treeline
As others have stated above, Dennis was always personable, had a wealth of knowledge about sheep and helped conservation efforts. Condolences and prayers out for his family.

From: flyingbrass
I enjoyed visiting with him, he was a good man. One of the good guys for sure.

From: TheSaint
Had no clue Dennis was battling cancer. Bad deal. Thoughts and prayers to his family.

Sorry to hear of Dennis passing. Prayers for the family.

From: Mad Trapper
Sad to learn of his passing, but anyone who attended the convention knew it was coming. RIP Dennis. The Board seems committed to keep the organization thriving. Maybe they can mend fences with Wild Sheep and bring the two organizations back together.

From: kscowboy
Bill, we have the same sentiments in our family. We are FNAWS/WSF people too. However, in times like these, we have to set that stuff aside. A wife lost her husband and children lost their father.

From: Bill Obeid
KS....I 100 percent agree. I did express my condolences. I know he’s a good family man. And I had the pleasure of his company once. I Hope my first post did not sound too negative.

I admired him very much. Was always friendly when I had a chance to visit with him. The things he had to do to solidify GSCO will become even more relevant due to his passing I believe. I for one hope they do not join with SCI nor WSF. Its fine just the way Dennis developed it. Prayers to Dennis, his family, his staff, and GSCO members.

From: kscowboy
Bill, I didn't take it that way at all. I agree with your post.

One organization is more about awards and the other is about putting sheep on the mountain. To each their own.

From: Scar Finga
Prayers for the family!

From: CWOotr
While Dennis did like awards, he also cared about sheep here in Colorado and around the world. Dennis, myself, and several others worked together on a project to keep domestic sheep away from the S50 sheep herd in Colorado. He made commitments to this project both financially and with his deeds.

He also reached out to me when my friend and interpreter, Israel, was killed in Baja Sur in a car crash, leaving behind his young wife and two young children. Israel helped me guide a lot of desert sheep hunters on the Biosphere in northern Baja Sur. Dennis even put a picture of Israel's grave memorial in the GSCO magazine. Thank you Dennis. RIP. Prayers for his family sent.

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