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Credit card fraud
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From: jims
I just found out that my credit card got canceled due to fraud charges. I've applied for Wyo elk and Colo gobblers so far with this card. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? I imagine I need to get in touch with WG&F and CPW to switch cards. Hopefully I get my new card before the draws!

From: DL
I thought you were going to say there were charges to your card that show you got drawn for everything you applied for. You knew it had to be fraud and cancelled your card. Something I would have done.

From: Topgun 30-06
I've seen this happen to guys before and you need to call the CC Company, get a new CC card number ASAP and then contact both state agencies with the new number and hope that you are in time not to screw things up for either of your applications.

From: LKH
I just got a new card because of possible compromise. My WY charges made it thru on my old one. 5th or 6th time over the years.

From: Whip
I've had fraud on cards a couple of times in the past two years and last month my wife had one. Card needs to be canceled - new card issued - big pain in the rear but unfortunately all too common anymore.

I keep one card that I use almost exclusively just for draws. Hopefully that minimizes the exposure of that particular card to crooks, but you never know.

From: Woods Walker
Just send a money order with your application. Using a credit card or any other electronic way of transferring money is ASKING to be robbed. And it will only get worse.

Yeah I know, I'm a luddite. I was robbed from my credit card once....that was enough. At least if someone tries to rob me face to face I can shoot them.

From: Franklin
The Debit card is the one you don`t want stolen...a credit card company will work with you....your bank won`t.

From: Grunter
Franklin--maybe not your bank?? Anyone ive ever known always got their money back. Regardless if debit or credit card.

From: Zim1
I’ve had fraudulent charges on three different CC’s within the last 12 months. This after being robbed blind by the unemployed ex for two decades. The CC companies returned funds quickly. The ex not so much. I trust absolutely nobody.

From: DanaC
My card got blocked - Cabelas VISA - when some bozos tried to put a $1.25 charge on it, to a charity in Ireland. The CC company figured out I probably wasn't up at 1:30 AM sending a buck and a quarter anywhere ;-)

Problem is, they were worried about the hackers maybe getting my account and security codes, so they are issuing a new card, different code. Meanwhile I'm at the grocery store getting denied over and over!

Nice folks to deal with over the phone, though.

For online buying I prefer Paypal, only PP sees your credit card number, the seller gets his money from them. Wish Lancaster and 3 Rivers would use it!

From: Alpinehunter
I would prefer that they would charge the credit card at the time of application. That way, you would know it went through. I'd rather front the money or pay a month or two of interest on a low interest credit card than wonder if my card will go through if I draw a long odds tag.

From: tobywon
As with DanaC, my Cabelas Visa has been blocked a couple of times due to fraudulent charges and they were very helpful dealing with things over the phone. They have been pretty good at picking things up. I wish there were ways to track these scumbags down easily.

I use a postal money order,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

From: wilbur
Yup it happened to me in 2012 right when Arizona was doing their draw. I figured hell I'll never draw a tag no big deal.

NOT! I drew and it was a shit show to actually get my elk tag. I suggest you get out in front of it ASAP. Find out whom you need to get in contact with and start emailing them. Get them to respond so you have a paper trail.

I wish you luck it can turn into a cluster phuck.

Your Wyoming elk was charged at time of application Jims so double check your c-card charges for back when you applied.

Hope it all plays out well for ya

Good luck, Robb

From: LKH
Since I paid for our app's with the possibly compromised card and now have a new one I called WY to see what would happen. They said if I have the same company it will be sent to my new card and if that doesn't happen they will send me a warrant if we are unsuccessful.

Put this on the WY refund posting but it's relevant here too.

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