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What's up with the search function?
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mountainman 07-Feb-18
thomas 07-Feb-18
sticksender 07-Feb-18
DarrinG 17-Feb-18
trkyslr 17-Feb-18
Bou'bound 17-Feb-18
midwest 17-Feb-18
SBH 18-Feb-18
wild1 18-Feb-18
sitO 18-Feb-18
From: mountainman
Is the search function working goofy for anyone else? Anytime I search for something it just brings up a list of threads totally unrelated to the search.

I used to love the search function and used it regularly to find info on old threads. I hardly ever use it now because it just doesn't help me find anything.

Any one else notice this/having issues?

From: thomas
yes ive noticed this too recently. not sure what to do?

From: sticksender
I use pretty well. Type the word "bowsite" + your search terms.

From: DarrinG
Where the heck is the "search" bar?

From: trkyslr
Search function cost too much.... why have it when like mentioned above there’s google.. archived messages got expensive too and took up too much space ;-)’

From: Bou'bound
What’s a search function

From: midwest
Yeah, it sorta worked before. Now it's virtually worthless. :-(

From: SBH
Agreed. I've been trying to find some old threads and can't even get close. The search function here has always been suspect but now its completely worthless to me. Bummer too cause theres some good oldies to go back to on cold snowy days like today!

From: wild1

From: sitO
Do a search about the search function, lots of threads to search through.

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